Even Your Cat Will Appreciate Having These Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves For Breakfast

2017-05-24 10:00

If you haven’t already replaced your morning toast with bunny-shaped bread, these new cat-shaped bread loaves offered by the Hankyu Hotel in Osaka will add an adorable touch to your ordinary breakfast. Made to be soft on the inside with a pleasantly crunchy crust, these purrfectly baked bread loaves are the only way cat-lovers will ever be able to imagine starting their day with again. Source: PR Times Each loaf comes pre-cut into 5 slices, enough for a family breakfast or a kitty-inspired morning meal for one. They can be purchased for 350 yen (US$3.13) starting May 26th, which gives those going all out some time to buy matching cat-shaped…

Dumped By His Girlfriend, Penguin Falls In Love With Anime Cardboard Cutout

2017-05-23 02:22

You may remember Grape (great name, btw), an adorable and seemingly confused Humboldt Penguin living at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama prefecture. The story seemed simple enough. Zoo staff had placed a cardboard cutout of Hululu, an anthropomorphized Humboldt Penguin from the series Kemono Friends (the series features animal characters given a more human aesthetic). Grape noticeably became attached to her, probably for her penguin looks, and began hanging out around the cardboard cut out routinely! やはり、気に入ってるみたいですね。今日も朝から見てます。 #けものフレンズ — 東武動物公園【公式】リュウくん (@tobuzoo7) 2017年4月26日 New information has come to light, however, thanks to sites like Buzzfeed Japan and Twitter users such as @gon_trpg, who have asked Tobu Zoo staff for background…

Japanese Twitter User Discovers A Sunflower Growing From The Grave Of His Hamster

2017-05-22 01:03

Being there for the death of a pet is one of the hardest experiences in life, and the only way to really find solace is to hope that their time alongside us humans was filled with happiness. But sometimes we hear of little miracles that make us believe our animal best friends are still looking out for us, perhaps even paying a visit every now and again to see how we’re doing. A small miracle was what Japanese Twitter user @CRAZYMONKEY_Dub recently experienced one year after the death of his hamster. One day when out in the yard, he noticed a sunflower growing from the exact place he had buried…

Japanese Summer Fashion Is Purring With These Cute Cat Yukata

2017-05-22 12:06

While they don’t get quite as crazy as making gigantic and wearable felt cat heads, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has always been pretty creative in releasing cat-themed fashion items such as socks and glasses that actually mimic the physical traits of felines. Now their Cat Department, specifically dedicated to cat-themed items, is releasing maybe the cutest way to walk around at Japanese summer festivals with this charming cat yukata. Source: PR Times Felissimo’s Cat Department frequently surveys cat owners for what type of goods they would like to see released, and according to their research they found that while cat yukata certainly exist, it is hard to find varieties that…

Aoshima: A Look Into Japan’s Feral “Cat Island”

2017-05-19 02:03

In 2001, Warner Bros. Entertainment unleashed the box office hit Cats & Dogs, which highlights the intense and seemingly never-ending rivalry between cats and dogs. In the movie, cats seek to end this rivalry once and for all by scheming a plan for world domination. While the plot is rather far-fetched, that plan seems to have come to fruition on Japan’s Aoshima Island, otherwise known as “Neko no Shima” or “Cat Island” where the cat to human population is six to one. Source: YouTube Sandwiched between Ehime and Yamaguchi prefectures in the Iyonada Sea, Aoshima is an island spanning a mere 1.6 kilometers. While Aoshima was once home to 900…

Watch A Cat Bestow 9 Lives On Kittens With Adorable Shaman Dance

2017-05-12 11:35

Ever wonder how cats get their nine lives? We always thought it was just feline luck, but happy father Momotaro may have just given us a glimpse into the mystical world of kitty abilities. Momotaro is usually a laid back cat, but whenever he sees his beloved kittens, he just can’t contain himself and breaks out into dance. He may get a little distracted and start cleaning himself, but he does so while standing up on his hind legs and swaying his hips!

Wasabi The Dog Celebrates His 10th Year As Japan’s First-Ever Shiba Inu Ball Boy

2017-05-11 12:00

While they might spend the bulk of their time watching from the sidelines, being a ball boy/girl is no easy task. It’s even harder with the thousands of spectators watching their every move, who will be quick to criticize if they fumble or make an irreparable mistake. But one ball boy in Japan is loving every minute of the attention he gets on (and off) the field, and even after 10 years into the job, his popularity is far from waning. Of course, it’s worth noting that this seasoned ball boy is none other than Wasabi, Japan’s first-ever Shiba Inu baseball dog. Wasabi’s main job is to carry a basket…

Girl Gets A Cat For Her Sick And Grumpy Grandpa And Turns His Life Upside Down

2017-05-11 11:36

Akiko DuPont, a Freelance Documentary Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan and London, says she has been taking pictures of her grandfather before she even quite knew how to use a camera. Thanks to that curious hobby and now profession, she’s captured proof of just how wonderful and rejuvenating an influence a loving pet can have on a person’s life! Akiko’s grandfather, who she calls Jiji, was normally a very bright and outgoing man as he commuted to work for 64 years since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with an illness in 2009 and lost much of his joy around the house, becoming disinterested in life…

Chinjuya: Maybe The Strangest Place To Eat In Japan

2017-05-10 05:39

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? If you’re an adventurous eater and in Japan, Chinjuya in Yokohama is the place where you can challenge yourself to try creatures that you may never have even thought of as being edible! Even the name Chinjuya translates to “rare animal restaurant.” Florie and Miki of the Deep in Japan YouTube channel live up to their channel name by taking us to this unique area tucked away in the Sakuragi-cho area of Yokohama. The area around Chinjuya was known for black markets until World War II, but is now a prime destination for curious foodies. As you enter Chijuya, its appearance doesn’t…

Chicken Sits Between Bread Cushions, Inadvertently Turns Into A Chicken Sandwich

2017-05-10 01:42

It’s been proved with a series of bread sofa beds that for one reason or another, people like the feeling of plopping themselves on a cushy, super soft loaf of bread. But it turns out that humans aren’t the only species that enjoys this kind of tasty-looking furniture; chickens love them too, only when they sit on a bread-shaped cushion, they can end up turning into a chicken sandwich. It wasn’t until Japanese Twitter user @ememorin‘s pet chicken Momomi sat on a bread cushion that people came to this realization. One day, when @ememorin placed a bread-shaped cushion near Momomi, the chicken took a liking to his new seat and…

Birds Clash In A Squeaky Rap Battle…Or Chirpy Political Debate

2017-05-09 03:54

Japan has a large menu of themed cafes where you can enjoy petting cute and interesting animals as you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. While these started out as limited to dogs and cats, they have expanded in recent years to include different types of animals such as owls, and even otters and hedgehogs. If you can’t make up your mind about what to pet, Animal Cafe Jungle Go in Sapporo might be a good start. The cafe takes care of a number of animals, including parakeets, hedgehogs, owls, and even a Aldabra giant tortoise. Their collection of birds, however, are quite the talkative bunch! Check out this…

Turn Your Feet Into Squishy Cat Paws With These Japanese Kitty Socks!

2017-05-08 08:22

Japanese online retailer Felissimo is the country’s go-to when it comes to getting your paws on inventive feline-themed goods. In the past they’ve released cat glasses that feel like a kitty is hugging your nose, cat lip-gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose, and of course, cat-themed lingerie. Now Felissimo is releasing these cute cat-paw socks that make it easy to walk on hardwood floors and look adorable at the same time. Source: PR Times The socks are the latest in Felissimo’s Narikiri Nyanko (“Turn yourself into a cat!”) series, and offer realistic squishy rubber cat paw indentures that allow you to more easily walk on hardwood surfaces while…

Confused Hedgehog Finds A Better Way Of Using Its Running Wheel

2017-05-06 05:47

Knowing how to use a treadmill is more or less self-explanatory, but that doesn’t change the fact that many of us have admittedly been super confused when working out on one for the first time. That might be what running wheels are like for our beloved critters, so we really can’t blame Japanese Twitter user @ippeikino‘s hedgehog for being adorably confused when it decided to try and make use of the wheel. 滑車の使い方が独特の子 — 木野一平 (@ippeikino) May 1, 2017 Although it initially looked like the hedgehog was going for a little run, it’s soon clear that it either found a more entertaining way of using it, or that it…

Shiba Inu Has The Perfect Smile Until He Finds Out He Is Walking To The Vet

2017-05-04 03:07

It’s no secret hat Shiba Inu are capable of producing some really adorable facial expressions and reactions, as even fake ones can pull it off. Japanese Twitter user @gin2rou got a close look at that when their beloved Shiba Inu Ginjirou flashed this ridiculously elated smile when they thought they were going for a walk. Source: @gin2rou Unfortunately, that smile only lasted for the first half of the walk. @gin2rou writes that the first radiant smile only happened before Ginjirou found out that they would be walking to the Vet’s office on the way back home, at which point he suddenly switched to this expression. Source: @gin2rou It seems like…

Bell The Cat Melts The Internet’s Heart In A Furry Headband With Bunny Ears

2017-05-02 06:47

In the past we’ve introduced Bell the Minuet kitten and her bushy little tail, but now the adorably fluffy kitty is slightly more grown up. As if to prove she’s not a baby anymore, Bell has been enjoying playtime in a more grown-up manner, which in her case involves dabbling in cosplay of her other animal friends. According to the response from Japanese netizens, the peak of her cosplay cuteness was this past Easter when she was given a furry headband with bunny ears attached to it. Understandably, the hearts of everyone who watched this playful clip on Bell’s Instagram were melted like chocolate by the feline’s irresistible charm. A…

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