Sushi Cola And Sweet Sake Flavored Cream Puffs And Shaved Ice Make Summer Splash In Japan

2017-07-07 02:12

You may remember that popular conveyor belt sushi chain (kaitenzushi) Kura Sushi took love for sushi a step further by introducing curry bread and cola made from sushi rice a year ago. Now the sushi chain is giving sushi-lovers a summer treat with the taste of sweet sake and sushi rice cola flavored cream puffs and more. Sushi Rice Cola And Sweet Sake Cream Puffs Source: Kyodo News The whipped custard cream inside these cream puffs contains rice vinegar, along with the previously released sushi rice cola, which uses malted rice used in the traditional Japanese drink amazake, which is a sweet type of sake made from fermented rice, and…

Unleash The Green! Famous Kyoto Green Tea Shop Releases Matcha Curry

2017-06-29 05:44

If you’re a fan of green tea, you don’t really need to travel anywhere specific in Japan to get your fix. All over the country, you’ll be able to not just sip tea, but find authentic flavoring in a range of goods such as Kit Kats with double the matcha, fluffy matcha pancakes, and what claims to be the world’s most intense green tea ice cream right in Tokyo. It’s in one of Japan’s tea meccas that you’ll find the revival a mysterious but popular matcha-themed dish, however, as a long-standing Kyoto tea house is bringing back its matcha green tea curry. That’s a lot of matcha! Source: At Press…

Ramen Kabuto: The Japanese Ramen Restaurant With A Samurai Spirit

2017-06-22 06:53

We’ve seen samurai armor slowly become a trend in accessories and handbags, most recently with a company that makes samurai armor for cats and dogs, but what happens when you combine the a fascination with the armor of Japan’s early warriors with the country’s modern love of themed restaurants? We imagine the result is something similar to Ramen Kabuto, where your chef and server delivers your ramen in custom-made samurai armor. Source: At Press Source: At Press If you were unaware of the the shop’s gimmick and stumbled into Ramen Kabuto seeking greasy noodle and broth refuge from the cold of Sapporo, you might be taken aback to see that…

Unicorn Taiyaki Fish Ice Creams Give Japanese Traditional Snack Colorful New Look

2017-06-19 08:39

In the world of Japanese sweets, it’s not uncommon to come across some snacks that appear to be too cute to eat. Taiyaki (literally “baked sea bream”) looks like it may fall into that category, although the growing popularity of the fish-shaped cakes around the world may say otherwise. While traditionally filled with red bean paste, many shops in Japan offer varieties filled with chocolate, custard, and thanks to trends around the globe–ice cream! While not the only shop in the world stuffing taiyaki mouths with sweets, New York City’s Taiyaki NYC has gained a lot of popularity for their variety of ice cream-filled taiyaki, including a recent special of…

Top 30 Travel Destinations In Japan Chosen By International Travelers

2017-06-14 11:56

When traveling in Japan, sometimes the most rewarding experience can come from “getting lost” in the country and finding hidden gems not promoted in guidebooks and top ten lists. For first-timers, however, the plethora of fascinating areas to explore in Japan can be overwhelming, so it’s not a bad idea to consult with the opinions of those who have been there before you. While you may end up in some tourist-heavy spots, you’ll usually find yourself at least getting a good feel for what is considered “must-see” in Japan, as well as some lesser explored areas mixed in. This year Travel website Trip Advisor released their 9th annual list of…

Japan’s Rare “White Jewel” Strawberries Are Berry Expensive

2017-06-09 04:28

Great Big Story has covered some fascinating topics in Japan, including the country’s first all-female staffed sushi restaurant, the beautiful world of traditional Japanese sweets, and the fluffy history of rabbit island. Now they’ve turned their camera to just as interesting a topic in the world of exorbitantly priced premium fruit in Japan. As primary example, they examine the cultivation of the rare “white jewel” white strawberry, larger and sweeter than normal strawberries, and which sometimes sell at $10 a piece! Source: YouTube Yashuhito Teshima describes how he carefully cultivates the unique and well-sought-after white berries on his farm in Karatsu, Japan. In Japan, there is a certain buzz surrounding…

Studio Ghibli Museum Brings The Food And Kitchens From Films To Life

2017-05-30 01:47

Last month, we covered the official Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, bringing the culinary world of classic Studio Ghibli movies to life by opening an exhibition that showcases classic eating scenes from the films, along with life-size recreations of their kitchens. The exhibit, called “Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals“, features food recreations from the films, along with art panels and descriptions of how the meals were designed. Source: Fashion Press (©Museo d’Arte Ghibli ©Studio Ghibli) While these are plastic recreations, they are crafted with the exact same detail and care that the inviting meals in your favorite Studio Ghibli films have (the museum cafe also serves up film-inspired meals). Visitors…

Awesome Dad Turns His Daughter’s Doodles Into Adorably Accurate Bento

2017-05-25 04:11

We’ve seen some touching efforts from dads in Japan this year, whether it be turning a cardboard Nintendo Switch into an actual one or an anime artist turning his sons’ doodles into professional quality illustrations. Takafumi Ozeki, one half of Japanese comedy duo The Geese, can add his name to that list. The father and comedian prepares artistic character bento lunch boxes for his daughter in Kindergarten based on her requests. Adorable enough as that is, Ozeki recently got a very peculiar request from his daughter for her next bento. Instead of just asking him to make a specific character, she handed him a sketch of how she wanted her…

Chinjuya: Maybe The Strangest Place To Eat In Japan

2017-05-10 05:39

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? If you’re an adventurous eater and in Japan, Chinjuya in Yokohama is the place where you can challenge yourself to try creatures that you may never have even thought of as being edible! Even the name Chinjuya translates to “rare animal restaurant.” Florie and Miki of the Deep in Japan YouTube channel live up to their channel name by taking us to this unique area tucked away in the Sakuragi-cho area of Yokohama. The area around Chinjuya was known for black markets until World War II, but is now a prime destination for curious foodies. As you enter Chijuya, its appearance doesn’t…

This Japanese Cafe Serves Up Dancing Gold Leaf Souffle Pancakes

2017-05-10 01:49

You may have heard and seen some internet buzz about a Tokyo cafe that offers incredibly fluffy and perfectly shaped pancakes on their menu, but it turns out that one in Kanazawa is sacrificing a little bit of symmetry for the ability to serve its customers these charming pancakes that dance right on your plate! RinaItoさん(@itrn110)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 1月 21 6:10午前 PST Thanks to some viral videos on the net, you may be aware of the Japanese concept of odorigui (dancing eating), which refers to eating either live seafood or seafood freshly killed and still moving (stimulated sometimes by soy sauce). That is in no way a common way of…

Try Gold Leaf-Covered Matcha Gelatos For A Lavish Spin To Your Usual Ice Cream Cone

2017-05-09 01:46

It’s not every day we’re served dishes sprinkled with gold leaf, which is predominantly used in festive and often expensive dishes in Japan. For tea producer Oyaizu Seicha, however, there’s always a cause for celebration, which is why they’re offering luxurious, high-class gelatos at their main shop in Shizuoka City. Customers can get a taste of 7 different flavors at Oyaizu Seicha: Classic Rich Matcha, Creamy Matcha Latte, Fresh Honyama Green Tea, Floral Jasmine Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Roasted Green Tea and Rum Raisin, and Rich Vanilla. Of these flavors, Classic Rich Matcha is by far the most popular, and has been the one to be given the honor of being…

Indulge Your Inner Sailor Scout With These Custom Engraved Sailor Moon Wine Glasses

2017-05-09 11:58

Believe it or not, it’s been 25 years since the Sailor Moon animation was first broadcast in 1992, and young fans whose childhoods were spent imitating the Sailor Scouts’ transformations and waving around Moon Sticks are now all grown up. Long gone are the innocent days when fighting invisible enemies lurking in our livings rooms lifted our spirits — instead for us old and jaded folks, a magical drink in a magical glass just might do the trick. Boozy Sailor Scouts-at-heart can kick back and relax with some delicious wine poured into Sailor Moon wine glasses. Offered by artist Stacy Scollon of Scollon Studio, each glass is made to order…

Onigiri Artist Whips Up Creative Sushi Sneakers

2017-05-08 02:03

Whether you are talking about Kit Kat sushi, mosaic sushi, crazy taco-sushi hybrids, or just the traditional kind, it seems that Japan’s most iconic cuisine has a simplicity and aesthetic that lends itself well to artistic interpretation. Milan-based chef Yujia Hu is continuing that trend by whipping up shoe and sneaker sushi creations, applying his culinary skill and talent as an onigiri artist to reimagine classic shoes as sushi pieces. Here are some of his works, which you can find more of on his Instagram. Vans by THEONIGIRIART @vans @vans_europe @highsnobiety #theonigiriart #sakanasushimilano #vans #vansoldskool #shoes #sneakers #sneakerart #onigiri #skateboard #skate #skater #streetstyle #streetwear #milanodesignweek2017 #designweek #fuorisalone2017 #shoeshi Yujia Huさん(@theonigiriart)がシェアした投稿…

Artist Turns Fast Food Chain Mascots Into Anime Characters

2017-05-01 11:08

Fast food chain mascots seem to have a natural affinity for the anime aesthetic, as proven by the Wendy’s girl being turned into a smug anime girl recently. Digital artist from the Philippines OzumiiWizard may be demonstrating that better than anyone, however, as her illustrations of Fast Food Chain Restaurants come to life as anime characters are absolutely awesome. Check her out on Devinatart and Facebook for more.

New Japanese Drifting Hotel Lets You Explore The Setouchi Inland Sea

2017-04-28 03:52

While Japan has its share of gimmick hotels such as the now famous Robot Hotel with velociraptors, many seek to take advantage of their unique surrounding scenery to accommodate guests, as seen with Hokkaido’s ice hotel and an entire Tokyo town that doubles as a hotel. Rich with lush scenery, distinct local cuisine, and vibrant culture, hotels around the Setouchi inland sea have a lot of inspiration to draw from. A new hotel by the name of Guntu is deciding not to limit you to any one attraction, however, as it will operate as a floating hotel that drifts around Setouchi inland sea. Source: Guntu While one might not think…

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