Even Your Cat Will Appreciate Having These Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves For Breakfast

2017-05-24 10:00

If you haven’t already replaced your morning toast with bunny-shaped bread, these new cat-shaped bread loaves offered by the Hankyu Hotel in Osaka will add an adorable touch to your ordinary breakfast. Made to be soft on the inside with a pleasantly crunchy crust, these purrfectly baked bread loaves are the only way cat-lovers will ever be able to imagine starting their day with again. Source: PR Times Each loaf comes pre-cut into 5 slices, enough for a family breakfast or a kitty-inspired morning meal for one. They can be purchased for 350 yen (US$3.13) starting May 26th, which gives those going all out some time to buy matching cat-shaped…

Ramen And Shaved Ice Is The Summer Combo You Need To Try This Year

2017-05-22 04:43

In Tokyo, near the Yamanote Line at a station called Komagome, resides a small ramen shop called Kabochan Ramen. Named after the owner Kubokawa-san, an experienced and knowledgeable ramen enthusiast, this ramen shop was handed down to him from the original owner who was planning on shutting the restaurant down. Originally the restaurant served shoyu ramen or salt based ramen. However although Kubokawa-san continued the shoyu ramen tradition of the shop, he also created a delicious and spicy miso style of ramen that went perfectly with a Japanese style shaved ice dessert called Kakigori. It may be an unexpected combination to find Kakigori, a famous Japanese summer festival ice treat…

Drinking in Class?! Tokyo’s School Izakaya: Rokunen Yonkumi

2017-05-19 11:01

Tokyo is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of themed cafes and bars — whether you’re in the mood to eat and drink surrounded by your favourite characters, accompanied by dancing robots, in a prison or in a church, there is something for every taste. Among the more unique offerings is Rokunen Yonkumi (6th year, class 4) — as you may be able to guess from the name, this izakaya is inspired by a Japanese elementary school classroom! The tables and chairs closely resemble those found in Japanese elementary schools (complete with pencil pots and actual school workbooks), the drink menu is in the style of a notebook, and…

This Soy Sauce-Flavored Soft Serve Will Let You Have Ramen For Dessert

2017-05-18 05:51

Word has been going around that ramen fanatics in Hokkaido are having ramen for lunch and dessert at ramen restaurant Yukitohana. Located in Furano, Hokkaido, the restaurant is famous among locals for their impeccable niboshi (dried sardines) ramen, but it is not this specialty that Instagrammers have been raving about. Instead, what’s gotten the attention of ramen lovers all over Japan is their soy sauce-flavored soft serve ice cream, that at first glance looks like a mini portion of ramen served in an ice cream cone. A post shared by Emma Wei Chichi (@rgermany7) on Jul 9, 2015 at 7:08am PDT The Ramen Soft Serve is made of vanilla soft…

Traditional Japanese Candy Sculptures Are Handcrafted Masterpieces You Won’t Have The Heart To Eat

2017-05-17 06:15

It’s unlikely we’ll ever stop to marvel at the artisanal mastery of an ordinary lollipop, but when it comes to the candy sculptures made by the hands of amezaiku artists, it’s hard to take our eyes off of them. Amezaiku, or traditional Japanese candy craft artistry, has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, with a history going as far back as the Heian Period (794-1185) when it is believed that candy offerings were made at temples. Considering the skill and painstaking detail that go into each sculpture, it’s no wonder amezaiku works are regarded as more than just candy sold at a store. One store in Japan offering…

Grape-Flavored Hi-Chew Ice Cream Bars Are Here To Be Your New Favorite Summer Dessert

2017-05-16 10:23

Anyone who’s nibbled a few Japanese snacks here and there will likely have tried Hi-Chew, a sweet, chewy snack that comes in a variety of fruity flavors and is sold both in and outside of Japan. Now, the mouthwatering candy is getting a summer makeover as refreshingly cold Hi-Chew ice cream bars, to be sold for a limited time at Japanese convenience stores this season! 新商品を発表しますッッッ! 5月29日!コンビニエンスストア限定の新商品!!!! ハイチュウアイスバー!!! 楽しみにしていてくださいね☆ — 森永製菓アイス公式(ティック&Y) (@MorinagaIce) May 10, 2017 Hitting shelves on May 29th are individually packaged grape-flavored Hi-Chew ice cream bars. Available until early July, these summer snacks are packed with soft cream in the center and coated in a frozen shell…

Singaporean Barista Creates Stunning Latte Art On Matcha And Sakura-Flavored Drinks

2017-05-15 07:33

Skilled baristas can do magic with a shot of espresso and some steamed milk, gracefully painting stunning latte art onto the surface of a delightfully creamy beverage. Many people travel far and wide to visit cafes offering such one-of-a-kind artwork, including 3D latte art so cute that taking the first sip is no less than heartbreaking. Latte art lovers will now need to make more room on their list of “cafes to visit” though, because one cafe’s drinks are just too gorgeous to be missed. Gaining popularity on Instagram is the stunning latte art of Damien, a barista working for Carol Mel Cafe in Singapore. Much of his delicious creations…

Beat The Heat With Sakura-Flavored Ice Cream Served In Freshly Baked Croissants

2017-05-12 11:00

‘Tis the season for summer strolls down the streets of fashion district Daikanyama, but even such a posh area can’t escape from Tokyo’s mercilessly rising temperatures. But if you can’t beat the heat you might as well find a way to make the most of it, and when you’re in Daikanyama, that should involve having a delicious cone of croissant ice cream in hand. The new summery treats can be enjoyed at Bondolfi Boncaffe, and it’s no wonder people are flocking to the cafe in droves to get a bite out of this glorious combination. Not only are customers being served giant swirls of creamy heaven, the vessels they come…

Send A Seed Package As A Thank-You Gift Like Totoro, But Wrapped In Cute Totoro Hand Towels

2017-05-11 02:27

Anyone who has watched Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro might remember the scene where Totoro gives Satsuki and Mei a small package of nuts and seeds as a thank-you gift, after Satsuki lets him have her extra umbrella. It’s an adorably Totoro way of showing gratitude, and one we can now try and mimic with whomever we want to show our appreciation. But instead of handing them a seed package wrapped in bamboo leaves (because that’ll just creep people out), we can send a hearty present of vegetables chips or mixed nuts wrapped in Totoro-themed mamegui (palm-sized traditional Japanese hand towels). Recipients who aren’t too familiar with the film might…

Chinjuya: Maybe The Strangest Place To Eat In Japan

2017-05-10 05:39

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? If you’re an adventurous eater and in Japan, Chinjuya in Yokohama is the place where you can challenge yourself to try creatures that you may never have even thought of as being edible! Even the name Chinjuya translates to “rare animal restaurant.” Florie and Miki of the Deep in Japan YouTube channel live up to their channel name by taking us to this unique area tucked away in the Sakuragi-cho area of Yokohama. The area around Chinjuya was known for black markets until World War II, but is now a prime destination for curious foodies. As you enter Chijuya, its appearance doesn’t…

This Japanese Cafe Serves Up Dancing Gold Leaf Souffle Pancakes

2017-05-10 01:49

You may have heard and seen some internet buzz about a Tokyo cafe that offers incredibly fluffy and perfectly shaped pancakes on their menu, but it turns out that one in Kanazawa is sacrificing a little bit of symmetry for the ability to serve its customers these charming pancakes that dance right on your plate! RinaItoさん(@itrn110)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 1月 21 6:10午前 PST Thanks to some viral videos on the net, you may be aware of the Japanese concept of odorigui (dancing eating), which refers to eating either live seafood or seafood freshly killed and still moving (stimulated sometimes by soy sauce). That is in no way a common way of…

Try Gold Leaf-Covered Matcha Gelatos For A Lavish Spin To Your Usual Ice Cream Cone

2017-05-09 01:46

It’s not every day we’re served dishes sprinkled with gold leaf, which is predominantly used in festive and often expensive dishes in Japan. For tea producer Oyaizu Seicha, however, there’s always a cause for celebration, which is why they’re offering luxurious, high-class gelatos at their main shop in Shizuoka City. Customers can get a taste of 7 different flavors at Oyaizu Seicha: Classic Rich Matcha, Creamy Matcha Latte, Fresh Honyama Green Tea, Floral Jasmine Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Roasted Green Tea and Rum Raisin, and Rich Vanilla. Of these flavors, Classic Rich Matcha is by far the most popular, and has been the one to be given the honor of being…

Onigiri Artist Whips Up Creative Sushi Sneakers

2017-05-08 02:03

Whether you are talking about Kit Kat sushi, mosaic sushi, crazy taco-sushi hybrids, or just the traditional kind, it seems that Japan’s most iconic cuisine has a simplicity and aesthetic that lends itself well to artistic interpretation. Milan-based chef Yujia Hu is continuing that trend by whipping up shoe and sneaker sushi creations, applying his culinary skill and talent as an onigiri artist to reimagine classic shoes as sushi pieces. Here are some of his works, which you can find more of on his Instagram. Vans by THEONIGIRIART @vans @vans_europe @highsnobiety #theonigiriart #sakanasushimilano #vans #vansoldskool #shoes #sneakers #sneakerart #onigiri #skateboard #skate #skater #streetstyle #streetwear #milanodesignweek2017 #designweek #fuorisalone2017 #shoeshi Yujia Huさん(@theonigiriart)がシェアした投稿…

Japanese Miniature Food Artist Creates Meals Tiny Enough To Be Served On Our Fingertips

2017-05-06 01:50

It’s safe to say that many artists are drawn to recreating food in miniature size, whether completely edible or as a form of decorative art, and their unbelievably detailed masterpieces of everyday foods and desserts look nothing but real to the unsuspecting eye. This is no different for Japanese artist Tomo Tanaka (@miniature_MH), who often takes to Twitter to share his myriad of miniature food replicas small enough to be served right on our thumbs. From simple rice balls to lavish French dinners, there’s nothing Tanaka can’t make with his astonishing dexterity. お、お、おにぎ、お、食べたいんだな。のりたまと希望とゆかりです! — nunu's house (@miniature_MH) May 1, 2017 今日は生徒さんが来るなり「もう夏、ほんまイヤ」って言ってはりました。去年も聞いたので夏なんだなぁと感じました。 — nunu's house (@miniature_MH) April 30, 2017…

Artist Turns Fast Food Chain Mascots Into Anime Characters

2017-05-01 11:08

Fast food chain mascots seem to have a natural affinity for the anime aesthetic, as proven by the Wendy’s girl being turned into a smug anime girl recently. Digital artist from the Philippines OzumiiWizard may be demonstrating that better than anyone, however, as her illustrations of Fast Food Chain Restaurants come to life as anime characters are absolutely awesome. Check her out on Devinatart and Facebook for more.

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