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Slip A Sock On Your Ice Cold Drinks And Never Get Puddles On The Table Again

2017-05-26 04:09

It’s impossible to survive a hot and humid summer without a cold drink in hand, but place one on a table and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be left with a giant puddle. It’s one of the woes of carrying around an ice cold beverage in the midst of rising temperatures, but one that can be easily be eliminated with the help of a iced drink sock that can be slipped onto the bottom of a cold cup. 相方である中の人(妹)から「アイスコーヒーの靴下」をもらいました。水滴を拭くのにティッシュやタオルでグルグル巻いていた私の女子力が格段にUPしました。 — キングジム (@kingjim) May 23, 2017 Made by Tokyo sock brand Hoffman, these adorable cozies will absorb the moisture that forms on the surface of cold cups, making sure…

Unleash Your Pet’s Warrior Spirit With Cat And Dog Samurai Armor

2017-05-26 03:47

With weather changes between distinct seasons and sometimes chilly indoors, pet clothing makes for both utility and clothing in Japan, as seen with these cute kitty scarves. But with samurai armor slowly finding itself as a stylish aesthetic to accessories and handbags, it was only a matter of time before pets started guarding themselves in the armor of early Japanese warriors. Samurai Age, a company that specializes in handmade samurai helmet and armor bottle covers, has released a lineup of samurai armor for pets to show off their warrior spirit! 【素敵なお写真頂きました!】特別オーダーでご注文頂きましたお犬様用ペット鎧・柴犬バージョンです(*^_^*)見た目に反した軽さと柔らかさにお犬様も柴犬スマイルです♪※お犬様用にペット鎧をご注文の際には諸々のサイズ確認が必要となりますので前もってご相談ください! #柴犬 #鎧 — SAMURAIAGE広報部 (@the_samurai_age) 2017年5月25日 While Samurai Age has smaller samurai armor ready to use for cats, smaller dogs,…

Awesome Dad Turns His Daughter’s Doodles Into Adorably Accurate Bento

2017-05-25 04:11

We’ve seen some touching efforts from dads in Japan this year, whether it be turning a cardboard Nintendo Switch into an actual one or an anime artist turning his sons’ doodles into professional quality illustrations. Takafumi Ozeki, one half of Japanese comedy duo The Geese, can add his name to that list. The father and comedian prepares artistic character bento lunch boxes for his daughter in Kindergarten based on her requests. Adorable enough as that is, Ozeki recently got a very peculiar request from his daughter for her next bento. Instead of just asking him to make a specific character, she handed him a sketch of how she wanted her…

Love Doll Gallery In Tokyo Offers “Love Juice” Served From Doll Breasts–If You Massage Them

2017-05-24 02:10

You may remember Orient Industry, a Japanese love doll maker that offers dolls made of high quality silicone, and options that customize every feature of the body, from bust size to hairstyles, and many dolls now even have posable body parts, including movable hands and fingers. The maker boasts that their dolls are so realistic they have been mistaken for humans. Now those with no interest in actually buying one will have a chance to verify that claim, as the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a gallery and exhibition in Tokyo–along with a very odd drink on the menu. Source: l-amusee Photo albums detailing various models will also…

Patient Kid Makes Do With Cardboard Nintendo Switch, Until His Dad Pulls A Touching Switch Of His Own

2017-05-23 04:02

Like many Japanese families, Japanese father @mohikan1974 holds monthly family meetings where important orders of the month are discussed. Everything from finances to chores is discussed. @mohikan1974 regularly updates his Twitter account with the on-goings of such meetings, and one particular story has sent a wave of heartwarmth through the Japanese Twitterverse. @mohikan1974’s son, Kazutoyo, has always wanted a Nintendo Switch. However, the system is rather expensive, so in a display of creative patience, Kazutoyo crafted his very own Nintendo Switch out of cardboard. While it may be seen as an appeal to get one (the father assumed so!), it’s a rather adorable way of respecting the situation while trying…

Dumped By His Girlfriend, Penguin Falls In Love With Anime Cardboard Cutout

2017-05-23 02:22

You may remember Grape (great name, btw), an adorable and seemingly confused Humboldt Penguin living at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama prefecture. The story seemed simple enough. Zoo staff had placed a cardboard cutout of Hululu, an anthropomorphized Humboldt Penguin from the series Kemono Friends (the series features animal characters given a more human aesthetic). Grape noticeably became attached to her, probably for her penguin looks, and began hanging out around the cardboard cut out routinely! やはり、気に入ってるみたいですね。今日も朝から見てます。 #けものフレンズ — 東武動物公園【公式】リュウくん (@tobuzoo7) 2017年4月26日 New information has come to light, however, thanks to sites like Buzzfeed Japan and Twitter users such as @gon_trpg, who have asked Tobu Zoo staff for background…

Chinese Dress School Swimsuit Joins Lineup Of Creative Japanese Swimsuits

2017-05-23 12:53

Whether for cosplay, modeling, or the intended use, themed swimsuits have become a bit of a thing in Japan. Over the past year we’ve seen Shrine Maiden Swimsuits, and even Totoro Swimsuits in America. Japanese maker Moira Design seems to specialize in them, however, releasing hybrids such as Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform Swimsuits and Japanese P.E. Uniform Swimsuits. Now the maker is combining Chinese dresses (at least the Japanese image of them) with Japanese school swimsuits to release a Chinese Dress School Swimsuit. Source: PR Times You might find the design of the swimsuit to be something not many people would willingly hit the beach or pool with, but Moira Design…

12-Year-Old Girl Chokes Out 24-Year-Old Opponent In Japanese MMA Debut

2017-05-23 10:18

Last month, you may have raised your eyebrows at a 12-year-old girl by the name of MoMo being booked for her MMA debut against 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki at Japanese MMA event, DEEP JEWELS 16 in Tokyo. As it turns out, not only did she win, she did so in quick fashion–winning by rear-naked-choke at 2:59 of the first round. Held at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, DEEP JEWELS 16 saw a women’s MMA bout built with buzz and controversy because of the 12 year age difference between fighters. However, MoMo’s camp cites the difference in preparation for the fight as being the most important contrast, telling WMMA Rankings that MoMo has…

Credit Card Forms Japanese Idol Unit Out Of Company Employees

2017-05-22 02:46

At initial glance, you might mistake Higashi-Ikebukuro 52, Japan’s latest mega-member idol unit, to be a sister-group or spinoff of other popular acts such as AKB48 or Keyakizaka46. Outside of having a lot of singing (liberal use of the term) and dancing members, they’re actually unrelated, though. That’s because Higashi-Ikebukuro 52 is an idol group made up of a credit card company’s employees! Source: YouTube Many Japanese Idol groups also have a sports-team sort of representation of areas in Japan (such as with AKB48 and Akihabara), and that’s no different with Higashi-Ikebukuro 52, who represent Eastern Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The 24 member group is comprised all of employees for Japanese…

Japanese Summer Fashion Is Purring With These Cute Cat Yukata

2017-05-22 12:06

While they don’t get quite as crazy as making gigantic and wearable felt cat heads, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has always been pretty creative in releasing cat-themed fashion items such as socks and glasses that actually mimic the physical traits of felines. Now their Cat Department, specifically dedicated to cat-themed items, is releasing maybe the cutest way to walk around at Japanese summer festivals with this charming cat yukata. Source: PR Times Felissimo’s Cat Department frequently surveys cat owners for what type of goods they would like to see released, and according to their research they found that while cat yukata certainly exist, it is hard to find varieties that…

Rolling Stones Meets Traditional Japanese Art In Limited Edition Ukiyo-e Prints

2017-05-19 01:22

Proved by the truly badass ukiyo-e artworks of legendary rock bands KISS and Iron Maiden, hard rock and traditional Japanese art go hand in hand like rum and coke. Now it’s the turn of Rolling Stones fans to raise their glasses, because the iconic “Tongue and Lips” logo has gotten the ukiyo-e treatment in a series of epic woodblock prints. Ukiyo-e, which translates to “image(s) of the floating world,” is a genre of Japanese art that thrived from the 17th to 19th centuries. Artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of everything from scenes of folk tales to erotica, and though the number of artists specializing in ukiyo-e has diminished since…

Traditional Japanese Candy Sculptures Are Handcrafted Masterpieces You Won’t Have The Heart To Eat

2017-05-17 06:15

It’s unlikely we’ll ever stop to marvel at the artisanal mastery of an ordinary lollipop, but when it comes to the candy sculptures made by the hands of amezaiku artists, it’s hard to take our eyes off of them. Amezaiku, or traditional Japanese candy craft artistry, has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, with a history going as far back as the Heian Period (794-1185) when it is believed that candy offerings were made at temples. Considering the skill and painstaking detail that go into each sculpture, it’s no wonder amezaiku works are regarded as more than just candy sold at a store. One store in Japan offering…

Japanese Schoolgirls Show Off 82 Sumo Wrestling Techniques In Uniform

2017-05-14 10:19

We’ve seen Japanese schoolgirls throw down with sumo wrestlers before in order to get their hands on some ramen, but this promotional video for the 101st iteration of the Kanazawa High School Sumo Tournament may be the fiercest combination of sumo and schoolgirls yet. In the video, a pair of dueling Japanese schoolgirls demonstrate the 82 techniques that can be used to win a sumo match with stylish grace! While there are definitely more unaccounted ways in which to win a sumo bout, the two girls in this video demonstrate what are regarded as the 82 official winning techniques. These include a variety of dodging techniques, twists, and throw-down maneuvers–all…

Watch A Cat Bestow 9 Lives On Kittens With Adorable Shaman Dance

2017-05-12 11:35

Ever wonder how cats get their nine lives? We always thought it was just feline luck, but happy father Momotaro may have just given us a glimpse into the mystical world of kitty abilities. Momotaro is usually a laid back cat, but whenever he sees his beloved kittens, he just can’t contain himself and breaks out into dance. He may get a little distracted and start cleaning himself, but he does so while standing up on his hind legs and swaying his hips!

Japanese Social Media Celebrates “Maid Day” With Cosplay And Artwork

2017-05-11 05:07

In recent years, Japanese social media has been embracing unofficial “holidays” with entertaining hashtags. These informal Japanese holidays are usually inspired by the various ways one can read the date of the month in the Japanese language, with February 22nd resulting in a duel between “Panties Day” and “Bunny Day” on Twitter. May 10th, or the numerical “5/10” can be read a number of different ways in Japanese, but for this particular day social media users have settled on 5 being read as “May” and 10 as “do” (ド)–resulting in the Japanese reading of “Maid”. That makes 5/10 “Maid Day”, and cosplayers, models, and art fans are taking to Twitter…

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