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Sip Stunning Cocktails Inspired By Japanese Folk Tales At This Posh Tokyo Bar

2017-05-25 03:54

There’s nothing more timeless than fairy tales passed down from generation to generation, but as people get older, many forget the initial feeling of enchantment that made them fall in love with their favorite childhood stories in the first place. Hoping to bring that magical spark back are Japanese Fairy Tale Cocktails, a year-long running series of mesmerizing cocktails inspired by perennial Japanese folk tales. These drinks will take booze-loving adults back to memory lane, while also giving them a chance to relive familiar fairy tales in a completely different way. Offered at the MIXX Bar & Lounge on the 36th floor of the ANA InterContinental Tokyo Hotel, guests will…

Love Doll Gallery In Tokyo Offers “Love Juice” Served From Doll Breasts–If You Massage Them

2017-05-24 02:10

You may remember Orient Industry, a Japanese love doll maker that offers dolls made of high quality silicone, and options that customize every feature of the body, from bust size to hairstyles, and many dolls now even have posable body parts, including movable hands and fingers. The maker boasts that their dolls are so realistic they have been mistaken for humans. Now those with no interest in actually buying one will have a chance to verify that claim, as the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a gallery and exhibition in Tokyo–along with a very odd drink on the menu. Source: l-amusee Photo albums detailing various models will also…

Dumped By His Girlfriend, Penguin Falls In Love With Anime Cardboard Cutout

2017-05-23 02:22

You may remember Grape (great name, btw), an adorable and seemingly confused Humboldt Penguin living at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama prefecture. The story seemed simple enough. Zoo staff had placed a cardboard cutout of Hululu, an anthropomorphized Humboldt Penguin from the series Kemono Friends (the series features animal characters given a more human aesthetic). Grape noticeably became attached to her, probably for her penguin looks, and began hanging out around the cardboard cut out routinely! やはり、気に入ってるみたいですね。今日も朝から見てます。 #けものフレンズ — 東武動物公園【公式】リュウくん (@tobuzoo7) 2017年4月26日 New information has come to light, however, thanks to sites like Buzzfeed Japan and Twitter users such as @gon_trpg, who have asked Tobu Zoo staff for background…

Credit Card Forms Japanese Idol Unit Out Of Company Employees

2017-05-22 02:46

At initial glance, you might mistake Higashi-Ikebukuro 52, Japan’s latest mega-member idol unit, to be a sister-group or spinoff of other popular acts such as AKB48 or Keyakizaka46. Outside of having a lot of singing (liberal use of the term) and dancing members, they’re actually unrelated, though. That’s because Higashi-Ikebukuro 52 is an idol group made up of a credit card company’s employees! Source: YouTube Many Japanese Idol groups also have a sports-team sort of representation of areas in Japan (such as with AKB48 and Akihabara), and that’s no different with Higashi-Ikebukuro 52, who represent Eastern Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The 24 member group is comprised all of employees for Japanese…

Drinking in Class?! Tokyo’s School Izakaya: Rokunen Yonkumi

2017-05-19 11:01

Tokyo is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of themed cafes and bars — whether you’re in the mood to eat and drink surrounded by your favourite characters, accompanied by dancing robots, in a prison or in a church, there is something for every taste. Among the more unique offerings is Rokunen Yonkumi (6th year, class 4) — as you may be able to guess from the name, this izakaya is inspired by a Japanese elementary school classroom! The tables and chairs closely resemble those found in Japanese elementary schools (complete with pencil pots and actual school workbooks), the drink menu is in the style of a notebook, and…

This Soy Sauce-Flavored Soft Serve Will Let You Have Ramen For Dessert

2017-05-18 05:51

Word has been going around that ramen fanatics in Hokkaido are having ramen for lunch and dessert at ramen restaurant Yukitohana. Located in Furano, Hokkaido, the restaurant is famous among locals for their impeccable niboshi (dried sardines) ramen, but it is not this specialty that Instagrammers have been raving about. Instead, what’s gotten the attention of ramen lovers all over Japan is their soy sauce-flavored soft serve ice cream, that at first glance looks like a mini portion of ramen served in an ice cream cone. A post shared by Emma Wei Chichi (@rgermany7) on Jul 9, 2015 at 7:08am PDT The Ramen Soft Serve is made of vanilla soft…

Start The Day Off With A High-Energy Wake-Up Call From A Japanese Fisherman At Sea

2017-05-12 03:10

Serial snoozers will know that no matter how many alarms are set in the morning, no matter what obnoxious ringtones will be blaring from the speakers of our phones, waking up is still one of the hardest things to do. While little might help to alleviate the grogginess we feel when we’ve just hopped out of bed, there is a one-of-a-kind wake-up call service that could make getting up a slightly more pleasant experience. The service, named Fisherman Call, gives sleepy users the chance to rise and shine to the robust voice of a Japanese fisherman working in Miyagi Prefecture’s Ishinomaki City. Created by the brilliant minds of the Fisherman…

Chinjuya: Maybe The Strangest Place To Eat In Japan

2017-05-10 05:39

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? If you’re an adventurous eater and in Japan, Chinjuya in Yokohama is the place where you can challenge yourself to try creatures that you may never have even thought of as being edible! Even the name Chinjuya translates to “rare animal restaurant.” Florie and Miki of the Deep in Japan YouTube channel live up to their channel name by taking us to this unique area tucked away in the Sakuragi-cho area of Yokohama. The area around Chinjuya was known for black markets until World War II, but is now a prime destination for curious foodies. As you enter Chijuya, its appearance doesn’t…

This Japanese Cafe Serves Up Dancing Gold Leaf Souffle Pancakes

2017-05-10 01:49

You may have heard and seen some internet buzz about a Tokyo cafe that offers incredibly fluffy and perfectly shaped pancakes on their menu, but it turns out that one in Kanazawa is sacrificing a little bit of symmetry for the ability to serve its customers these charming pancakes that dance right on your plate! RinaItoさん(@itrn110)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 1月 21 6:10午前 PST Thanks to some viral videos on the net, you may be aware of the Japanese concept of odorigui (dancing eating), which refers to eating either live seafood or seafood freshly killed and still moving (stimulated sometimes by soy sauce). That is in no way a common way of…

Try Gold Leaf-Covered Matcha Gelatos For A Lavish Spin To Your Usual Ice Cream Cone

2017-05-09 01:46

It’s not every day we’re served dishes sprinkled with gold leaf, which is predominantly used in festive and often expensive dishes in Japan. For tea producer Oyaizu Seicha, however, there’s always a cause for celebration, which is why they’re offering luxurious, high-class gelatos at their main shop in Shizuoka City. Customers can get a taste of 7 different flavors at Oyaizu Seicha: Classic Rich Matcha, Creamy Matcha Latte, Fresh Honyama Green Tea, Floral Jasmine Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Roasted Green Tea and Rum Raisin, and Rich Vanilla. Of these flavors, Classic Rich Matcha is by far the most popular, and has been the one to be given the honor of being…

Photographer’s Journey Through Japan During Cherry Blossom Season Turns Into A Fairy Tale

2017-05-09 12:09

Japan’s cherry blossom (sakura) season has pretty much wrapped up, giving way to increasingly warmer weather and the looming rainy season. However, for as long as those beautiful sakura bloomed, those in Japan were able to enjoy a bevy of cherry blossomed themed snacks and drinks, as well as truly stunning nighttime sakura scenery. If you’re ever lucky enough to travel to Japan during cherry blossom season, you’ll also be able to partake in hanami (cherry blossom viewing) that seems to leave no part of the country untouched by brilliant color. Russian photographer and engineer Kristina Makeeva recently went on a trip to Japan that may be the best proof…

Japanese Idol Group Puts On Hazmat Suits To Hug Fans At Event

2017-05-08 06:55

It would probably be an understatement to say that Japanese idol and pop groups attract some very passionate fans. Many dedicated fans travel and follow their favorite regional or local idol groups on tour, but some go the extra step and participate in bonus services provided by the idol group’s management, some of which include paying large fees for three minute phone calls, or collecting raffle tickets (which necessitates buying multiple copies of the same CD) to win a chance at shaking the hands of their favorite group members. Fortunately, this month’s Budokan Idol Expo 2017 provided an opportunity for fans to meet up and interact with their favorite idols….

New Japanese Drifting Hotel Lets You Explore The Setouchi Inland Sea

2017-04-28 03:52

While Japan has its share of gimmick hotels such as the now famous Robot Hotel with velociraptors, many seek to take advantage of their unique surrounding scenery to accommodate guests, as seen with Hokkaido’s ice hotel and an entire Tokyo town that doubles as a hotel. Rich with lush scenery, distinct local cuisine, and vibrant culture, hotels around the Setouchi inland sea have a lot of inspiration to draw from. A new hotel by the name of Guntu is deciding not to limit you to any one attraction, however, as it will operate as a floating hotel that drifts around Setouchi inland sea. Source: Guntu While one might not think…

People Are Finding It Really Hard To Eat These Adorable Rilakkuma Wagashi Sweets

2017-04-28 02:28

Known for his relaxed and lazy personality, it’s no surprise Rilakkuma is considered one of the most relatable characters in existence. And now, he and his pal Korilakkuma will be adorably apathetic all the way to your stomach — in the form of Japanese wagashi! These charming Japanese sweets are currently sold at Lawson convenience stores across Japan. With faces this cute, it’ll be a challenge not to put them into our shopping baskets. The Rilakkuma wagashi is part of the “Tabe Masu” (short for “edible mascot”) lineup, which previously featured popular characters from Yo-Kai Watch, Doraemon, and Disney. Although they’re only made of rice cake, sugar, and sticky-rice flour,…

Tokyo Tower Will Light Up As Final Fantasy’s Crystal Tower To Begin The Series’ 30th Anniversary Celebration

2017-04-28 12:41

For just one night only, Japan’s iconic Tokyo Tower will light up in a Crystal Tower-themed blue in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series! Tokyo Tower will be shedding its orange hue on the night of April 28th to be illuminated just like the Crystal Tower that appears in Final Fantasy III. The special light-up will begin at 7PM, transforming Tokyo into the Surface World for four hours until 11PM. Source: Tokyo Tower But the celebration of the Final Fantasy series’ commendable milestone doesn’t stop there. Along with the illumination, the Tokyo Tower will also be hosting projection mapping shows until May 7th titled the “4D…

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