Japanese Model Artist’s Amazingly Detailed Recreation Of Spirited Away’s Bath House

There’s plenty of ways to relive the magic of the Aburaya bath house from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, whether it be heading to Japan to pass through Nagasaki’s eerily nostalgic lantern festival, or to explore awesome hot spring towns that seem frozen in the classic film’s world. But while many of us are content to re-watch the film, hording merchandise like vintage Japanese jackets and No-Face piggy banks, Japanese Twitter user and model-artist Sorakio is showing us the creative side of appreciating the animation studio’s worlds with these amazingly detailed models of the bath house from Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli creations. Source: @Sorakio Yes, His name is Sorakio,…

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Japanese Elementary School Team Breaks World Record For Most Skips Over Single Rope In One Minute

“Most skips over a single rope in one minute by a team” might not be the first World Record you would think to challenge, but the team-based form of jumping rope is often used in Japanese P.E. classes to teach coordination and team work, along with being a fun and challenging game for many to join in on. It’s also a frequent challenge that many undertake in various forms (such as number of skips using your butt) of attempts to break Guinness World Records. Now, Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan has just taken the playground activity to new heights, with each member of their team going…

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Ramen Kabuto: The Japanese Ramen Restaurant With A Samurai Spirit

We’ve seen samurai armor slowly become a trend in accessories and handbags, most recently with a company that makes samurai armor for cats and dogs, but what happens when you combine the a fascination with the armor of Japan’s early warriors with the country’s modern love of themed restaurants? We imagine the result is something similar to Ramen Kabuto, where your chef and server delivers your ramen in custom-made samurai armor. Source: At Press Source: At Press If you were unaware of the the shop’s gimmick and stumbled into Ramen Kabuto seeking greasy noodle and broth refuge from the cold of Sapporo, you might be taken aback to see that…

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Seller Thinks He’s Ripped Off Japanese YouTuber With $3 Rusty Knife, Definitely Regrets It After This DIY Restoral

You may be familiar with Japanese YouTuber JunsKitchen for his helpful and fun videos about cooking delicious Japanese meals, usually accompanied by his feline sous-chef Kohaku. Jun’s knowledge for Japanese cooking doesn’t seem to be just limited to recipes, however, after a chance encounter at a recycling shop, it’s become evident he knows a good blade when he sees one–even when it’s covered in rust! At the recycling shop, Jun found a man trying to sell a traditional Japanese knife, but the store refused to purchase it due to it’s clearly tarnished quality–even for a measly 30 yen (about 30 cents). Jun later approached the man and offered to purchase…

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Top 30 Travel Destinations In Japan Chosen By International Travelers

When traveling in Japan, sometimes the most rewarding experience can come from “getting lost” in the country and finding hidden gems not promoted in guidebooks and top ten lists. For first-timers, however, the plethora of fascinating areas to explore in Japan can be overwhelming, so it’s not a bad idea to consult with the opinions of those who have been there before you. While you may end up in some tourist-heavy spots, you’ll usually find yourself at least getting a good feel for what is considered “must-see” in Japan, as well as some lesser explored areas mixed in. This year Travel website Trip Advisor released their 9th annual list of…

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The Amazing Pop-Up Penguin Bomb And How To Make It

People in Japan have been buzzing with simple amazement and jealousy ever since Twitter user phil0x0 off this cool video demonstrating the quick pop-up action of a handcrafted “Penguin Bomb.” So what’s a Penguin Bomb? It’s an explosively cute work made by expert paper craftsman Haruki Nakamura, and the video below shows it in action. ペンギン爆弾かわいすぎる…! — さ (@phil0x0) 2017年6月11日 @phil0x0’s video is what has garnered the item viral attention, but the Twitter user explains that this video was taken in the Kanazawa station basement, where Nakamura’s Kamikara and other shops were selling goods at a crafts market. The Penguin Bomb is a type of Karakuri, or traditional Japanese…

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Japan’s Rare “White Jewel” Strawberries Are Berry Expensive

Great Big Story has covered some fascinating topics in Japan, including the country’s first all-female staffed sushi restaurant, the beautiful world of traditional Japanese sweets, and the fluffy history of rabbit island. Now they’ve turned their camera to just as interesting a topic in the world of exorbitantly priced premium fruit in Japan. As primary example, they examine the cultivation of the rare “white jewel” white strawberry, larger and sweeter than normal strawberries, and which sometimes sell at $10 a piece! Source: YouTube Yashuhito Teshima describes how he carefully cultivates the unique and well-sought-after white berries on his farm in Karatsu, Japan. In Japan, there is a certain buzz surrounding…

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Universal Studios Japan Teases Super Nintendo World In New Trailer, Mario Stage Photos

Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan is making preparations for an expansion to their facilities called Super Nintendo World, which as the name should tell you, is a section of the park that will feature attractions in the theme of characters and scenery from the world of Nintendo. Much like the recently announced official Studio Ghibli theme park, you can likely already imagine several attractions, with perhaps a Mario Kart themed racing ride probably the most obvious. While the park isn’t set to open until 2020, several recently released photos show off construction of the site, and an official teaser trailer for the section of the park has been released by Universal…

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[Part 4] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) makes the best of his profession and his father-and-son play time by taking the sketches drawn by his two sons and applying his craft to turn them into amazingly illustrated anime characters. While some have commented that they feel this upstages the original drawings, it’s a collaborative effort that the children seem to be happily providing creative fuel for with very imaginative sketches. Romain and his sons call it the “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”, and hope to put it all together in one collection one day. Here’s a quick detailing of the process. 親子デザイン工房の描き方。タイムラプス動画を編集してみました!Steampunk…

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Japanese Trains Celebrate Final Fantasy Anniversary With Music From The Games

Japan has fully embraced this year as the 30th anniversary of the popular Final Fantasy series, rolling out promotional campaigns that include Tokyo Tower being lit up as the Crystal Tower and a gigantic Ultima Weapon-themed ramen fork. Yokohama’s underground Minatomirai Station is celebrating in their own way, however, by replacing the standard jingle of departing trains with classic music from the series! Trains that head to Motomachi Park and Yokohama’s Chinatown get to hear the instantly recognizable “Victory Fanfare” from the series, played when your party defeats an enemy. みなとみらい駅の発車メロディがFF仕様になった…。 元町方面は「勝利のファンファーレ」(のジングル部分)、横浜方面は「メインテーマ」(の冒頭部分)。キャンペーン中だと知らなかったので、今朝初めて聞いた時は下車した人の携帯のメール着信音が爆音で鳴ったのかと思った…。 — OZAKI (@ozakikazuyuki) 2017年6月1日 For passengers heading to Yokohama, departing trains are playing the main Final Fantasy theme….

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Watch Seismic Isolation Flooring Prevent Damage During The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

This video taken on a security camera during the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake shows how earthquake resistant construction and seismic base isolators can pay off in a country vulnerable to earthquakes such as Japan. The server room, located in Sendai, has a seismic isolation floor installed that prevents anything from getting damaged, even during a massive 9.0 earthquake. While there is obviously a lot of shaking going on, the part of the room with isolation flooring installed (under the servers) is able to keep steady and resist damage–the video even explains that walking on this part of the floor during the quake was not difficult. There are 15,894 confirmed deaths…

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Japanese Railway Gets Spark With New Pikachu Train

Character-themed trains are nothing new in Japan, but that doesn’t mean old favorites can’t get an upgrade. Introduced originally by Japan Rail East in 2012 to help raise spirits for regions devastated by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, the Pokemon with You Train is getting a Pikachu-themed makeover this summer to provide another jolt of fun for Pokemon fans in Eastern Japan. Source: JR East While the train was previously decorated with a general Pokemon aesthetic, the new model will feature a Pikachu-specific theme and was designed under the concept of a Pikachu train that parents and children can enjoy riding together. To facilitate this, the train’s refurbished interior contains “communication…

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Unleash Your Pet’s Warrior Spirit With Cat And Dog Samurai Armor

Update: Japan Trend Shop now carries these for order. With weather changes between distinct seasons and sometimes chilly indoors, pet clothing makes for both utility and clothing in Japan, as seen with these cute kitty scarves. But with samurai armor slowly finding itself as a stylish aesthetic to accessories and handbags, it was only a matter of time before pets started guarding themselves in the armor of early Japanese warriors. Samurai Age, a company that specializes in handmade samurai helmet and armor bottle covers, has released a lineup of samurai armor for pets to show off their warrior spirit! SAMURAI AGEさん(@samurai_age)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 5月 27 10:07午後 PDT SAMURAI AGEさん(@samurai_age)がシェアした投稿 –…

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Onigiri Artist Whips Up Creative Sushi Sneakers

Whether you are talking about Kit Kat sushi, mosaic sushi, crazy taco-sushi hybrids, or just the traditional kind, it seems that Japan’s most iconic cuisine has a simplicity and aesthetic that lends itself well to artistic interpretation. Milan-based chef Yujia Hu is continuing that trend by whipping up shoe and sneaker sushi creations, applying his culinary skill and talent as an onigiri artist to reimagine classic shoes as sushi pieces. Here are some of his works, which you can find more of on his Instagram. Vans by THEONIGIRIART @vans @vans_europe @highsnobiety #theonigiriart #sakanasushimilano #vans #vansoldskool #shoes #sneakers #sneakerart #onigiri #skateboard #skate #skater #streetstyle #streetwear #milanodesignweek2017 #designweek #fuorisalone2017 #shoeshi Yujia Huさん(@theonigiriart)がシェアした投稿…

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[Part 3] Professional Anime Artist Turns His Sons’ Sketches Into Amazing Anime Characters

Twice this year, we’ve seen some touching and impressive illustrations from Tokyo-based French anime artist Thomas Romain (Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, Macross Delta, and Basquash!) in the form of what he calls the “Father and Sons Design Workshop Illustrations”. Romain takes the imaginative sketches and drawings of his two sons and applies his own creative and professional touch to turn them into lively anime characters. While Romain has to focus on digital animation a lot do to his work, he enjoys putting together this series as an opportunity to enjoy the basics of drawing with his kids, and hopefully give them a little artistic motivation. Included this time are two…

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