Japanese Model Artist’s Amazingly Detailed Recreation Of Spirited Away’s Bath House

There’s plenty of ways to relive the magic of the Aburaya bath house from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, whether it be heading to Japan to pass through Nagasaki’s eerily nostalgic lantern festival, or to explore awesome hot spring towns that seem frozen in the classic film’s world. But while many of us are content to re-watch the film, hording merchandise like vintage Japanese jackets and No-Face piggy banks, Japanese Twitter user and model-artist Sorakio is showing us the creative side of appreciating the animation studio’s worlds with these amazingly detailed models of the bath house from Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli creations. Source: @Sorakio Yes, His name is Sorakio,…

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Sandwhich Cat Has The Absolute Best Beds

Adorable beds and custom futons for cats aren’t anything new, but Japanese Twitter user the mimo’s (@oken_ne) cat. Their cat Hachi seems to be a fan of lounging around, but prefers to do so in a collection of fruit and food-themed beds that make Hachi look like a cat sandwich. Source: @oken_ne Source: @oken_ne Source: @oken_ne Hachi has the good fortune of having a human who has acquired some goods to make her look as cute as possible while she lies around doing nothing, although there are probably some instances where Hachi looks as tasty as she does adorable. Source: @oken_ne Source: @oken_ne 🍞ハチバンザイサンド🍞クッション動かしても安定の爆睡。 pic.twitter.com/VeN4XjqYma — the mimo (@oken_ne) 2017å¹´6月23日…

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Japanese Elementary School Team Breaks World Record For Most Skips Over Single Rope In One Minute

“Most skips over a single rope in one minute by a team” might not be the first World Record you would think to challenge, but the team-based form of jumping rope is often used in Japanese P.E. classes to teach coordination and team work, along with being a fun and challenging game for many to join in on. It’s also a frequent challenge that many undertake in various forms (such as number of skips using your butt) of attempts to break Guinness World Records. Now, Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School in Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan has just taken the playground activity to new heights, with each member of their team going…

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Have A Slice Of Magic With Tokyo Cafe’s Rainbow, Unicorn, And Cotton Candy Cheesecakes

A lot of us know that Japan has some seriously delicious cheesecakes, with even a 3-ingredient recipe for super fluffy cheesecakes for times when we’re craving a quick fix. But as can be expected in Japan, even the most heavenly slice of cake cannot be deemed spectacular if it doesn’t look as beautiful as it is mouthwatering. There’s no need for Tokyo cafe A Works to be worried about the looks of their original cheesecakes, though, because their desserts are known for brightening up the cafe’s display windows with colorful hues of tasty flavors. A post shared by AWORKS CHEESE CAKE CAFE (@gakudai.aworks) on Jun 16, 2017 at 6:56pm PDT…

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Crack Cases With A Talking Butt In Upcoming Net Anime Series “Butt Detective”

Detective Conan better watch out because a new rival’s in town. That rival, who will soon be getting his very own online anime series, is a jiggly butt of a detective named Oshiri Tantei, which literally translates to Butt Detective. Joined by his little sidekick Brown, he solves crimes and fights the bad guys like a true case cracking hero. Did we mention his face is one giant butt that talks, drinks, and eats (and farts, but we’ll get to that later)? While Oshiri Tantei might seem like another odd creation from the world of Japanese animation, it’s actually based on a popular picture book for children of the same…

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Japan’s First Female Sento Artist Hopes To Revitalize Public Baths With Soothing Murals

Bathing in Japan can be a cleansing experience on many levels, but much of the attention in this regard, rather understandably, goes to the luscious scenery and tranquility provided by the onsen baths in ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), or the beautiful hot spring towns that bring the world of Spirited Away to life. Less explored are these onsen’s more casual counterpart, sento, public bathhouses with just as rich and storied a history. Open to the public and often located in big cities, sento typically feature murals of soothing countryside landscapes, running streams, and Mt. Fuji to help instill tranquility in patrons as they bathe and forget their big city woes….

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The Portable Air Sofa Is The Ultimate Gift For Lazy Campers Looking To Loaf Around Outdoors

Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring to turn us into lazy human beings, and the feeling is especially strong whenever we see some of the gloriously leisured products from Belle Maison. Last Fall, the Japanese online retailer came out with a giant nest cushion, aka the perfect human burrow, but it turns out we can all be equally as idle during the summer, too. Better yet, we can feign being outdoorsy at the same time, as long as we have this brilliant air cushion sofa. Source: Belle Maison Source: Belle Maison Even the least enthusiastic camper in the world can create their own lazy oasis with the “Dokodemo…

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These Are The Best And Brightest Of Japan’s Shiba Inu Internet Overlords

Since its inception, Shiba Inu and Akita run the canine corner of social media in Japan, with thousands of daily posts of adorable antics and hilarious mishaps to wade through. Sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of all the good boys and girls running around Japan, so we’ve put together a list of the goodest of good doggos to help you out whenever you need to take the edge off whatever stress you’ve been feeling in life. Here are the dogs from Japan that have been earning their treats and belly rubs the most from Japan. Miku, the quickest food-snatching Shiba in the East! 黒柴みく💓さん(@9648miku)がシェアした投稿 – 2016 9月 23…

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Rainbow Bentos Turn Ordinary Ingredients Into Radiant Edible Masterpieces

As anyone who makes (or has ever attempted to make) home-prepared bentos every day can attest to, getting out of bed to put together a balanced, nutritious, and visually appealing lunch is far from an easy task. Even with the existence of jaw-droppingly gorgeous bento masterpieces to inspire us to release the same amount of mouthwatering creativity into our own bento boxes, the truth of the matter is that most of us would very much rather hit the snooze button a few more times than try and create an edible work of art at six in the morning. Fortunately, one of the newest hashtag trends on Japanese Twitter is sympathetic…

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Manga Artist Illustrates Somewhat Awkward Ways People Address Their Boyfriends In Japanese

In different countries, people address their loved ones differently. Some terms of endearment are evidently more unusual than others, and as Japanese manga artist Ezaki Bisuko illustrates in a short comic, it seems that there’s no shortage of awkward nicknames for boyfriends in the Japanese language. The comic introduces 8 different ways people have (apparently) begun to address their boyfriends in Japan. As you might already know, there are many English loanwords in Japanese, and one quite common way to address boyfriends is to use the word “ダーリン” (Daarin). Daarin comes from the English word “darling,” which some people even shorten to “daa” to refer to their significant others. Another…

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Acrobatic Otter Swings And Spins On Towel As It Plays With Its Keeper

From what we’ve seen so far, we know that otters are masters at squeaking adorably and relaxing in a much-deserved foot bath. It turns out they’re super acrobatic too, as Japanese Twitter user @Nagisa_scope witnessed during a trip to the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Kanagawa Prefecture. 飼育員さんにタオルで遊んでもらうコツメカワウソ!!ぶんぶん振り回されたりめっちゃ楽しそう…そして飼育員さん大変そう…(笑)遊んでもらえないと水槽でバシャバシャして地団駄踏むのめっちゃかわいいwww油壺マリンパークめっちゃ楽しかったヽ(;▽;)ノ@aburatsubo_mp pic.twitter.com/gjeabnjgvK — みやぎな (@Nagisa_scope) 2017å¹´6月19日 Desperate for a little quality playtime with its keeper, the otter bit onto a towel as it showed off some major dangling, swinging, and spinning skills to a crowd of excited park guests. While it was clearly having the time of its life, it appeared that the keeper was getting a pretty intense workout in her forearms…

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Japanese Plarail Fanatic Recreates Yokohama Station With A Toy Train Set

Japan is home to one of the most complex railway systems in the world, catering to the busy lives of the millions of pubic transport users going about their daily business at any given day. Stations like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Tokyo are themselves notorious for being massive mazes that are utter nightmares for the unfamiliar traveler, while their myriad platforms are constantly whizzing with trains carrying thousands in and out of the cities. Like its Tokyo counterparts, Yokohama Station in Kanagawa Prefecture is also known as one of the busiest stations in Japan. It is the hub of hundreds of trains operated by six different railway companies, as well as…

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Turn Open Wine Bottles Into Decorative Art With Handmade Kokeshi Wine Bottle Closures

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese wooden dolls that were once adored by Japanese children as handmade, one-of-a-kind toys, but in more recent times they’ve been appreciated throughout the world as endearing ornamental objects created by skilled craftsmen. But as beautiful as they might be simply placed on a table or in a display cabinet, they can now double as handy wine bottle closures for those (rare) occasions where a bottle of wine goes unfinished. Source: HANDECO Source: HANDECO The kokeshi wine bottle closures are made by HANDECO, a Japanese brand offering handcrafted products inspired by traditional Japanese crafts and culture. Their creations utilize materials and techniques originating from various regions throughout…

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Sip Coffee On Tatami Mats Inside A Century-Old Building At Kyoto’s Traditionally Japanese Starbucks

Walk the streets of any country where Starbucks has planted its roots and you’re bound to see the familiar green logo beckoning passersby to have a cup of coffee every which way. While most of these locations look similar inside and out regardless of where they are found, time and time again there are special Starbucks stores built inside buildings of historical and architectural prominence. Starbucks Japan As a country where its many regions are always looking for ways to pay respects to their local cultures and traditions, Japan is certainly no stranger to such uniquely designed Starbucks locations. The newest Starbucks of this kind is set to be in…

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Ramen Kabuto: The Japanese Ramen Restaurant With A Samurai Spirit

We’ve seen samurai armor slowly become a trend in accessories and handbags, most recently with a company that makes samurai armor for cats and dogs, but what happens when you combine the a fascination with the armor of Japan’s early warriors with the country’s modern love of themed restaurants? We imagine the result is something similar to Ramen Kabuto, where your chef and server delivers your ramen in custom-made samurai armor. Source: At Press Source: At Press If you were unaware of the the shop’s gimmick and stumbled into Ramen Kabuto seeking greasy noodle and broth refuge from the cold of Sapporo, you might be taken aback to see that…

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