Ladybeard and Japanese muscle idol Reika Saiki show off the best Chun-li cosplay.

For some cosplayers, such as the incredibly convincing crossplayers battling gropers with their breasts and the most imposing Master Roshi cosplayer ever, impeccable physique is as critical a part of the ensemble as their actual costume is.

Fortunately for cosplayer, model, wrestler, and singer (to name a few things) Ladybeard, being big is just part of his day job. He's also got the perfect partner in crime for musclebound cosplay in "muscle idol" Reika Saiki, a wrestler (notably for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling) and idol who knows that the key to a perfect Chun-Li from Street Fighter costume is in never skipping leg day.

You may remember Saiki's previous Chun-li costume (complete with 1kg weight wristbands) that garnered massive internet attention and praise for leg day discipline that makes even some of the more cartoonish Chun-li depiction's a reality.

She even made sure to promote Be Legend's appropriately "Hadouken" flavored protein! (It tastes like popular Japanese soda, Ramune.)

So as you can see, her dedication to fitness make her a natural fit for cosplaying a rough and tough customer like Chun-li.

Recently, however, the two have been gaining attention as idol unit and pro-wrestling tag team Deadlift Lolita. As the "world's physically strongest idol unit", the pair are hoping to take their talents worldwide and are teaming with equally unique idol group DESU RABBITS to stage their take over with kawaii muscle power starting with a trip to Taiwan. Their Kickstarter for the trip is open for any fans hoping to help boost their appeal.

In the mean time, check out Deadlift Lolita's awesomely jacked Chun-li cosplay photo shoot below, and follow Saiki, Ladybeard, and Deadlift Lolita on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.