Japan releases Pokemon vending machines with Pikachu guides.

Vending machines can be found around just about any corner in Japan, and if you ever tire of the standard beverage offerings from run of the mill ones, you can always search out vending machines that serve sake, Kit-Kats, and even dashi. Now Japan's never-ending supply of vending machine variety can add another standout to its arsenal in the form of official Pokemon vending machines that sell Pokemon merchandise with a virtual Pikachu guide!

The new Pokemon vending machines feature a digital interface with a very friendly Pikachu guide, who will actively call out those who pass by the vending machines, inviting them to purchase goods from the official Pokemon Centers in Japan, such as plushies and figures. According to a Pokemon Company press release, five vending machines are located in Haneda Airport, while Odaiba Aqua City has 3, the Ebina service area in Kanagawa has 2, and the Ashigara service area in Shizuoka offers 1.

Pokemon Vending Machines support English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language

Pikachu will guide you through a selection of Pokemon Center merchandise

If you're not able to visit one of Japan's newly opened Deluxe Pokemon Center and it's adjacent Pikachu cafe, the vending machines offer a great alternative to pick up some Pokemon swag. Additionally, starting June 15th, the vending machines will operate as gyms for Pokemon Go, and also offer codes for the Rotom Dex in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra.

If you take too long to select an item, Pikachu is prone to falling asleep!

So if you find your way to Japan, keep an eye out for the bright yellow Pokemon Vending Machines--or just listen for a wild Pikachu to invite you!

By - Big Neko.