The Wild Thornberrys went from our favourite childhood TV show in the 90s to our favourite meme in the internet age. You may have seen Nigel Thornberry's face superimposed on various Disney characters shared around in gif form.

But it's not just American cartoons that can get the Nigel treatment. In the TV show, he is adventurous and kind, he risks it all to save his loved ones in many a precarious situation. Nigel Thornberry may not look like your typical anime heroine, but we firmly believe he would make a great Sailor Scout.

Here's the proof. Cosplayer Julianna (@maz.made) turned this meme into a hilarious, yet unsettling reality.

She sculpts amazingly detailed masks for her costumes such as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and ‘Judgmental Fish Nun’ from Star Wars.

But this, her pièce de résistance, actually started as a fun project to shake herself out of a bout of artist’s block.

Julianna’s Instagram posts detail the disturbing process of creating the mask, including when she made Nigel’s all important oversize chompers.

Once the sculpture was done, she used it to create a mould which then enabled the silicone mask to finally be produced.

The mask is so detailed she even included freckles.

The versatility of the mask is a gift that keeps on giving. In a nod to all the Disney Princess/Nigel Thornberry crossover memes, she also started making some Nigel Thornberry-nosed birds that she may use as a prop in a Nigel-Snow White mash-up.

Photos of Julianna modelling the mask in Sailor Moon cosplay taken by her sister (MazMakesStuff) went viral, entertaining and horrifying in equal measure.

Source: @maz.made

Source: @maz.made

Source: @maz.made

You can follow Julianna on Instagram to stay updated with her cosplays which will hopefully include more imaginative Nigel Thornberry crossovers!

By - Jess.