One of the many cool things about Japan is the myriad of east meets west collaborations, two different styles coming together to make something unique and interesting.

In this mash-up, Disney meets traditional Japanese clothing with adorably designed yukata covered in famous characters.

These would be perfect for a day out at Tokyo Disneyland.

But don’t get premonitions of suffocating under the summer sun in a heavy, traditional garment, praying for the attraction's line to go faster. A yukata is a summer kimono, it’s light and not tied restrictively.

The character designs you can choose from are Mickey, Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Clarice the chipmunk, or Goofy and Max.

The models also display more casual ways of incorporating the yukata into every day fashion such as leaving it open at the front and fastening it with a belt over your normal outfit.

Another way is to just tie it around the waist, leaving the top half casual with a t-shirt.

But of course you can wear it the classic way too with geta sandals.

Each set includes the yukata itself and the obi sash. Yukata are usually free-size since you can adjust the length as you secure it around your body. The bow for the back of the sash is pre-tied so it's easy to wear even if you have no experience with kimono.

They cost 12,960 yen for the set and are being sold at Poneycomb Tokyo stores (in Shibuya and Ikebukuro) and online.

In Japan when going on a day out to a theme park, it’s not unusual for young girls or guys to coordinate their clothes with their friends. This can be a whole costume or just matching t-shirts. If you’re planning a day out to Disneyland, these yukata would make a really cute group outfit with everyone representing a different character.

Summer is coming up meaning lots of chances to wear yukata, such as fireworks displays and festivals, you're sure to stand out in a Disney character design!

By - Jess.