If you're a fan of samurai films, or any sort of early Japan period piece fiction, chances are you've encountered a scene of one of Japan's iconic warriors or perhaps a geisha enjoying a smoke from one of these traditional pipes.

They're called kiseru, and are typically used for smoking a finely shredded tobacco (often resembling strands of hair) called kizami. Composed of a bamboo or wooden shaft with two metal ends and accompanied by a bowl, especially long kiseru were even carried as weapons during the Edo period. Today, they are commonly seen at Japanese incense ceremonies.

You may see a resurgence in kiseru, however, as Numata Tea Store has released an e-cigarette variety in hopes of appealing to a sense of nostalgia and style. The accompanying bowl contains a charging station, and Numata promises durability for long periods of use.

It's been released but is currently sold out at Numata's online shop in Japan, where they sell a variety of accompanying flavors such as custard and breakfast cereal.

By - Big Neko.