French orange liqueur Cointreau want Japan to get drunk on prefecture pride (and actual alcohol).

Japanese cuisine is a treasure trove of regional goodies. Where ever you visit you need to try at least one of the local specialties. Each prefecture has one or more treats that they take particular pride in and are known nationwide for.

Osaka is known as the food capital of Japan because of its amazing street food.

Even though you can get takoyaki all over Japan, it originated in Osaka and the city still remains the best place to get your hands on the much-loved comfort food. These delicious balls of batter encase a chunk of octopus and are covered in sauce and mayonnaise.

As part of Cointreau’s ‘Local Cocktails’ campaign, they’ve dreamed up this slightly bizarre invention for Osaka, a takoyaki inspired Bloody Mary.

The highlight of the beverage is the takoyaki sauce in the drink itself and the seaweed and fish flakes that decorate the top. The garnish is a full on takoyaki ball on a cocktail stick. The perfect companion to the saucy, fishy creation.

Here's the recipe for the curious.

Cointreau 40cc

Tomato juice 100 cc

Lemon juice 20 cc

Takoyaki sauce 1 tsp

Celery bitters 2 dashes

Tabasco 5 dashes

A pinch each of salt and black pepper

Mix all ingredients together by throwing rather than shaking (pour from one vessel to another from a height, this mellows the tastes by adding air to the mixture). Pour the ingredients into a glass with ice. Sprinkle the fish-flakes and seaweed and then garnish with a takoyaki if you happen to have some.

This isn’t the first installment in the adventurous campaign. Other notably questionable concoctions include a cow’s tongue cocktail for Miyagi prefecture (including cow's tongue infused whiskey) and a cheese cocktail for Hokkaido.

If you think takoyaki should flavour all the things though, you might be interested in this takoyaki flavour popcorn that Mike brought out last year...

By - Jess.