The following content is very much NSFW.

Illustration series of girls showing off their underwear while giving you disgusted looks to become an anime.

Sooner or later, there may be an anime for everything. And with doujinshi (self-published art works) as an endless well to tap, that even includes the very niche subject of girls showing you their panties with disapproving looks. Popular doujin series Iya na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai ("I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear") by Shimahara is being turned into an anime.

The doujin project began as a series of sketches but found traction and evolved into a series of art books and manga. The content of the series is just as the title says--a collection of girls (in a variety of costumes such as business attire, schoolgirls, gyaru, nurses, and nuns) showing off their underwear while looking down upon the viewer with an expression of disgust and contempt. According to character preview clips released by retailer Tora no Ana, the girls also don't mince words while verbally demeaning you.

Chitose, a maid-themed character: "For you people to think in the same perverted way my master're all pathetic...that you actually want to be despised by girls while they show you their panties, isn't that way too weird a fetish? You're totally useless."

The 24-minute anime will get a release at Comiket 94 (August 10-12), with a Blu-ray disc packaged with manga, tapestry, storyboards, designs, and a sleeve case designed by 40hara retailing at 10,000 yen. Tora Ana stores will offer a limited edition on August 13th for 7,800 yen. 40hara will also be a special judge of a celebratory fan art contest held at the Akihabara Tora no Ana on July 1st.

By - Big Neko.