Something which is normally frowned upon in polite society, there’s one place where the ability to give a table a good solid flip is celebrated.

The annual table flipping competition in Japan. The interesting set up determines who, out of the whole country, is the don of upending a small tea-table.

A fake dinner is positioned on the table, including the most important thing, a fish. The participant’s success will be judged on the distance flown by the replica fish, not the table itself. A lady dressed as a cook sits next to the competitor, she signals to him or her to start the flipping by saying 'stop it' to them. Before showing that table who’s boss, the flipper shouts out the source of their rage. Outbursts like, ‘what’s wrong with me?!’ and ‘I want a job offer!’ precede the table’s ultimate fate.

But, a good table flip isn’t always caused by anger. This year, the winner’s cry was one of passion. As a member of the Iwate Big Bulls basketball team, he rallied behind his team before flipping that fish to glory, 8.29 metres away.

As a sort of sports competition, it’s probably the most inclusive in the world. Anyone can take part, men, women and even very young children. If you’ve got a rage inside of you, this contest encourages you take it out on this poor innocent table.

By - Jess.