Putting bedding on is already a tough task for one person to take on. But what if you had a mischievous pup that pounced on you every time you attempted it?

It’ll add a fair bit of time onto the task as twitter user and dog owner @marutaro2000 found out.

He was making up traditional Japanese bedding, which consists of putting a soft futon straight onto the floor and then covering it with sheets and a duvet. His playful Shiba inu, Maru, seemed to want to do everything in his power to stop the bed from being made.

From the dog’s reaction it seems safe to assume this is a regular occurrence. From when the futon first touches the floor, Maru seems to recognise his favourite game and jumps on it.

The owner also seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve from previous experiences, he tries to distract the dog and move suddenly to trick him. Unfortunately, it only partially works and the futon is made up a bit roughly.

He seems relieved in the end though that the bed is made and he can relax with his adorable pet. You can be forgiven anything when you’re that cute!

By - Jess.