Awesome ninja girl bikini lets you practice your kunoichi skills at the beach.

Japanese creative design brand Mocolle (whose official brand concept is "Wouldn't it be nice if this existed?") often turns to creative talents on social media for inspiration when it comes shaping the crowdfunding efforts for their latest fashion items. In the past they've collaborated with popular cosplay models and illustrators to get products like a shirt that turns your breasts into hungry hamster cheeks.

Now citing the overwhelming crowdfunding success of their traditional Japanese shrine maiden bikinis, Mocolle is following up on their miko (shrine maiden) swimsuit with a new badass female ninja swimsuit.

Kunoichi Swimsuit

Hit the beach like a ninja

It's called the Kunoichi Swimsuit. Kunoichi were female practitioners of ninjutsu, and Mocolle says the idea behind the release was to show off the "cool" factor of a female ninja as opposed to the cute and sexy image they had gone for in previous projects. Despite the restricting appearance, the swimsuit was designed to be able to move around in, and outside of trips to the beach and pool, could double as a cosplay outfit.

The top is modeled after kimono collars, and features a chain mail-esque netting on the front.

The bottom is a slit miniskirt with a red line around the waist.

The back sports a ribbon aesthetic, and a netted ninja arm band adds to the mood--should you feel the need to jump from palm tree to palm tree like a true kunoichi.

As they have done in the past, Mocolle teamed up with a professional cosplayer to model the Kunoichi Swimsuit. This time they collaborated with cosplay model and musician Ryo Yamabuki.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that nearly doubled the original goal, the Kunoichi Swimsuit has been made available for order at Japanese adventurous bookstore and oddity shop, Village Vanguard for 8,100 yen ($73.62 USD) in two sizes, small and medium. Orders are scheduled to be delivered in July. While Village Vanguard only ships within Japan, keep a look out for the item on international shipping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten. In the meantime, get certified by a kunoichi master at Tokyo's ninja girl cafe.

By - Big Neko.