At 7:58 a.m. on June 18th, residents of northern Osaka prefecture in Japan were rocked by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake which is said to have damaged 6,235 structures in Osaka and over 500 in other prefectures, leaving five dead and four hundred injured. The widespread damage and ongoing recovery process are another sobering reminder of the sudden nature of earthquakes, particularly in Japan, and importance of preparation for the response period during such natural disasters.

While cats don't exactly have the benefit of a preparing earthquake resistant infrastructure, they may have an ability to preemptively sometimes sniff out the unsettling feeling of an oncoming disaster. Throughout history, there have been accounts of animals displaying erratic behavior or even fleeing in advance of a natural disaster, and while some remain skeptic of the anecdotal nature of such stories, a video from the morning of the Osaka earthquake taken at a Japanese cat cafe seems to show cats panicking in anticipation of the earthquake, roughly eight seconds before the initial shock is felt.

The surveillance video is from Cat Cafe Catchy, located in Wakayama prefecture, well removed from the quake's epicenter and where it was felt at a magnitude of 3. While it's possible vibrations that don't translate perfectly to video may have been felt, the cat "staff" of the cafe still seem to all sense the incoming jolt with a sense of nervous anticipation.

Although clearly thrown into a feline frenzy for a bit, all kitties at the cafe ended up safely. If you're ever in Wakayama prefecture looking for a furry companion, be sure to stop by Cat Cafe Catchy, where the cats aren't simply for entertainment, but searching for forever homes.

By - Big Neko.