For centuries, Japanese people have worn fundoshi loincloths and danced at festivals. On July 7th, the auspicious day of the Tanabata Star Festival, the Fundoshibu group wants you to wear fundoshi and dance the night away in an amazing summer party called Phantasm Tokyo.

With the concept of creating "festivals to shape the next 100 years," the Fundoshibu group has reserved the 1st through 3rd floors of the 100Banch building near the New South exit at Shibuya station and invited the leader of Japan’s dance scene, Afromance, who you may remember from the Maguro House event we covered earlier this year, along with an amazing lineup of DJs and musical acts for a night you'll surely remember.

DJ Lineup

Many DJs are waiting for you:

Afromance, Yukibeb, KICK OFF, KAZUMA KAWAHARA, MACHEE DEF, singer Natsumi, AZU WASSHOI, CHIWA, and more.

Check out details on the full lineup here

Shiitake Sour Cocktail

"Taste a new side of Japan with the Shiitake Sour Cocktail!"

If you're tired of drinking the same-old cocktails, you'll be interested in this! Team Shiitake doesn't follow the traditional flavor rules of cocktails. Using the latest technology and their mad bar-tending skills, they'll serve up their Shiitake Sour cocktail drink which you're guaranteed to love!

Nagashi Somen Flowing Noodles

Have you ever had Nagashi Somen, noodles flowing down a water slide made of a bamboo that you try to catch with chopsticks?! If you haven't tried this summer favorite, this is the perfect chance. Try to catch yourself some noodles while you drink your Shiitake cocktail! Your catching skills may get better the more you drink!

Write a Wish

You can write your wish on prepared paper strips and hang them up, as is traditional on Tanabata. Elevated by the energy of the party and the music, your wishes have a better chance than usual to be granted!

What is Fundoshibu?

Fundoshibu is a start-up that develops Japanese traditional underwear called ""Fundoshi"". They manufacture, sell and consult all things Fundoshi. One of Fundoshibu's achievements is a Fundoshi fashion show that took place at 100BANCH. You can read more about it here.


  • Date: 7/7 (Sat) 7:00PM ~ 10:00PM(Doors Open: 18:30)
  • Place:100BANCH 3-27-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Access: About 2 minutes on foot from NewSouth exit of JR Shibuya station
  • Fee:Free!!!
  • Website: Phantasm Tokyo
  • Pre-registration: HERE

By - Ben K.