Growing up you were probably told not to play with your food, but your parents could probably forgive you if you produced masterpieces like this.

Tomoko Sato hosts fruit and soap carving classes in Kyoto and Fukui, and she posts photos of her beautifully elaborate art on Twitter.

She often carves apples and melons and the intricate patterns and designs show an unthinkable amount of technical skill, as well as artistic flair. Watermelon looks particularly beautiful when carved, the insides forming a pink and white gradient fitting for flower designs.

She carved this apple using one small knife especially made for fruit carving. While cutting the apple, it was submerged in salt water to prevent discolouration.

Source: atelier_SATO

It took 2 hours to carve the masterpiece which looks like it belongs in a gallery rather than a fruit bowl.

Source: atelier_SATO

Sato’s designs seem to have a range of influences, some are floral while some seem a bit alien looking.

If you take one of Ms Sato's classes, you can eat your whimsical creations at the end, but it’s a shame that they can't somehow be preserved. The thought of eating something you painstakingly carved for 2 hours is a bit tough to swallow.

For even more mind blowing fruit carvings, take a look at Tomoko Sato's website and Twitter.

By - Jess.