Japanese virtual YouTuber offers up a home-cooked dinner made by an anime girl.

There's no question that virtual YouTubers make for a booming industry and hobby in Japanese days, with recent reports that the number of Japanese virtual YouTubers (topped by the mega popular Kizuna Ai) have actually reached the official number required to create a town in a Japanese prefecture.

She hasn't joined a hypothetical YouTuber town yet, but popular virtual YouTuber Siro is at least hoping to take up residence at your dining room table. In a recently released video, she offers up her very own home-cooked meal for you, and encourages fans to eat as they watch along to simulate having an intimate dinner together as she provides you with friendly chit-chat.

Sit down and enjoy a meal with a virtual YouTuber dinner date

Over the course of the meal, Siro chats her viewers up and even has beats where she pretends to respond to things said to her, such as listing her most disliked foods: green peas, white asparagus, and...pill bugs. She even coaxes you into cleaning up the dishes after (as compensation for making the meal), and gets embarrassed when you catch her staring lovingly at you while you eat. She also has a bit of a ditzy nature to her, getting lost in her own dialogues about food, but somehow manages to bring is back to enjoying her meal with you.

Japanese fans are sharing some of their dining experiences, and marveling at what the world has come to in 2018--as well as how much more tasty the experience feels than dining alone.

By - Big Neko.