Japan really know how to take something and make it their own, evidenced by the range of awesome, jealousy-inducing menu items found in McDonald's Japan. It could be a celebration of a Japanese festival, a distinctly Japanese flavour or a combination only the Japanese are adventurous enough to try out. There’s plenty of products that are tempting enough to make you commit the ultimate act of philistinism: going to McDonald's while abroad.

1. Seasonal Products for Japanese Festivals

Japan’s favourite season is of course spring. McDonald's Japan show their appreciation for the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms through sakura burgers, McFlurries and soda.

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Tsukimi is the harvest moon festival in which moon viewing is a traditional activity, so the Tsukimi burger pays tribute with an egg and cheese topping to resemble the celestial body itself.

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2. Bigger Versions of Classics

You already know about the Big Mac, but how about the Giga Big Mac with double the patties? Or the Grand Big Mac which is the Big Mac but larger?

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They pushed boundaries with the triple cheeseburger and maybe went too far with the quadruple cheeseburger.

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A part of the regular breakfast menu, the Mega Muffin combines all the muffin ingredients. Two sausage patties, bacon, an egg and cheese.

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3. Weird Fries

McDonald's Japan see the humble French fry as a blank canvas to lavish with any flavour possible. Case in point, chocolate fries. Chocolate fries caused a stir when they blasted onto the scene to cries of ‘why? Who would do this?' and, 'actually they don’t taste that bad but I’d never willingly choose them again.’

They then returned for some Halloween variations like pumpkin and chocolate and Witch’s Purple Sweet Potato.

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Fries are also a chance to double down on existing successful flavours. Cheeseburger with a side of cheeseburger flavour fries anyone?

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4. McFlurries with a Japanese Twist

Traditional Japanese dessert flavours such as matcha have made appearances in McFlurry form before.

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But the Japanese twist can also come in the form of character themes. Favourites such as Pikachu and Gudetama have made their McFlurry debut.

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If you've already McLapsed when it comes to American chains in Japan, you might as well carry on and sample some of Starbucks' Japan only offerings...

By - Jess.