While Japan's fascination with all things "kawaii" has expanded into a culture of cute that covers aesthetics, merchandise, and fashion, one might suspect that horror movies to be the stopping point, but even that would be too strong an assumption. As today marks the ominous Friday the 13th in Japan, many are taking to Twitter to celebrate the classic horror film of the same name. What may surprise some, however, is the unapologetically adorable way in which people are tipping their hat to the iconic hockey-mask wearing slasher, Jason. Below are a few highlights of Japanese Twitter's take on "celebrating" Friday the 13th, whether it be cat cafe cosplay, sexy figures, or fan art.

Jason on a playdate with some extremely happy cats

Anime girl Jason is here to take over your mobile games

Cats cosplay as Jason at a cat cafe in Saitama

The cats at this particular cat cafe in Japan are known to pose on social media in all variety of costumes, even from Studio Ghibli films!

Good luck sneaking up on anyone when you're this cute

Freddy and Jason put aside their differences for a trip to Universal Studios Japan

And then unite for a sexy figure horror duo

Note: These are from Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya's Horror Bishojo series, which also includes a beautiful female Edward Scissorhands figure.

Jason Focaccia

He's even in the ice cream!

By - Big Neko.