Just a few years ago, one could make the argument that Saya was the most popular schoolgirl in Japan, although a good amount of her viral fame is owed to the fact that she isn't actually human. Saya is actually the stunningly realistic 3-D computer-generated product of Yuka Ishikawa, who works as a freelance CG Artist and her husband Teruyuki Ishikawa, and she gained a very dedicated following of fans who fell in love with her after initially thinking her to be a beautiful (as well as living) schoolgirl.

With her secret revealed, however, her internet fame hasn't waned one bit. Instead, many have been taken aback by just how eerily detailed the self-taught husband and wife couple have been able to add improvements and aesthetic flourishes to Saya, making her appear all the more real. The 2016 version saw polished touches to her skin tone, hair, and makeup that had others even more convinced.

Saori Takayama @saotvos may be the ultimate testament to Saya's realism. The model recently took to Twitter, saying "I've been told I look like the 3DCG model Saya, so I tried cosplaying her. It's been so many years since I wore school clothes...I want to up the quality and have a pro take photos of me."

Takayama is no stranger to being confused for Saya, however. At the 2017 Tokyo Game Show, she was widely praised as a "real life android" and fooled many attendees into thinking she was the latest replicant version of Saya, thanks to her expertly pulled-off mannerisms and facial expressions.

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By - Big Neko.