With adorably stubborn cuties like Hana-chan to compete with, it can be hard to stand out when it comes to shiba inu internet stardom, but good boy brothers Hinata, Aoi, and Sora have made their claim to fame recently with a video that could be considered a chorus of cute. In it, the three siblings bunch their faces up against each other in a formation being affectionately called the "Shiba inu Cerberus" on Japanese Twitter, and proceed to smack their lips in rhythmic order.

We're not sure if there has been much practice put into this synchronized lip-smacking take on the hound of Hades, but the dogs are no strangers to goofy antics. Much like other popular shiba inu on the net, their Instagram and Twitter followings have made them big enough to have their own online shop, stickers, and merchandise.

When feeling a bit lazy, they seem to break formation, however.

Be sure to follow the three on Twitter, Instagram, and perhaps see if there are any canine takes on mythical creatures at Japan's miniature shiba inu cafe.

By - Big Neko.