You may have heard of the Pikachu Outbreak event which happens yearly in Japan. Year on year, every summer, the amount of Pikachu involved has been growing and this year 1500 are set to break out and wreak havoc on Yokohama.

But this year, another Pokemon has decided that Pikachu has been hogging the limelight for too long. For the first time ever, Eevee will join the Outbreak.

In a separate parade, a load of Eevees will strut their stuff around the port area. The amount of Eevees haven’t been announced so it will be a fun surprise to see how many come to represent.

The event will be running from 10th August to 16th August. There will be lots of fun events at the festival including a splash show where you can get soaked alongside the Pikachus. Something which sounds very appealing during this scorching summer.

More info on the event here.

By - Jess.