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BT21 Theme Cafe Comes to Japan to Delight BTS Fans

UPDATE: The cafe is back for Spring 2019 in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and a new venue in Hokkaido. See our latest article for updated menu etc.

BTS’ cute assemble of characters, BT21 are coming to Japan and this time, it’s consumable. Pop-up cafes have opened their doors for a limited time only (until 2nd September) in two locations in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Omotesando) and one in Osaka. A reservation is required and it can be carried out online (Japanese only). One reservation can be for up to four people.

The BT21 Cafe is offering up food and drinks inspired by the characters, a result of a collaboration between messaging app LINE and K-pop superstar boyband BTS. Each character was designed by a different member of the group except Van, a space robot who acts as BT21’s guardian. At the cafe the characters are all represented by one food and drink item each.

BT21 Cafe Food Menu

Chimmy’s brightly coloured hoodie has been recreated as yellow curry with white rice as his face.

Heart-headed Tata takes burger form.

And dance master Mang is made from startlingly blue rice surrounded by a white stew.

BT21 Cafe Dessert Menu

Koya the koala looks serene atop a parfait.

Cooky’s dessert is protein pancakes, presumably so you can become as ripped as him.

This cotton candy dessert is just as sweet and fluffy as RJ himself.

Shooky is indulgent as a chocolate fondue.

And space robot Van presides over everything on his universe plate.

BT21 Cafe Drink Menu

Each of the characters also have a drink that is flavoured and coloured to match their design:

RJ – Coconut Milk

Chimmy – Mango Soda

Cooky – Strawberry Milk

Tata – Berry Soda

Koya – Blue Curacao Calpis Soda

Shooky – Milk Tea (Chocolate Cookie)

Mang – Butterfly Pea

Van – Black Sesame Smoothie

All customers will receive a BT21 sticker, and if you make a drink order you will be gifted a BT21 coaster. Various character goods are also available.

After the chaos surrounding the opening of the BT21 floor of the LINE goods store in Harajuku, it’s fair to say that competition to get a reservation could be fierce, so it’s best to go to the Box Café website and try to bag one as soon as possible.

By - Jess.