If you saw this mass of hair, you probably wouldn’t expect it to belong to a baby.

But even though infant Instagram star @babychanco is still less than a year old, she’s rocking a thick luscious mane which would make anyone jealous. Her locks have earned her 110,000 followers and admirers from all over the world.

The baby girl was born in December 2017, and even then she had a fairy impressive head of hair.

But as she grew up her hair grew even more, becoming incredibly voluminous. At just 6 months old she could already wear hair accessories. Her hair being too thick for children’s accessories, Baby Chanco’s mum actually styles her hair with clips made for adults.

She’s already started making trips to the salon, as her mum wanted to make sure she stayed cool in the summer.

Not just her hair, the baby’s cute smile and personality are also often commented on. The Instagram which her parents entitled ‘hair diary’ has comments written in various different languages proving nothing brings the world together like a cute baby with hair as big as an American news anchor in the 80s.

By - Jess.