You can now wear Hello Kitty's skull as rings, necklaces, and earrings.

You won't find any shortage of celebration in Japan for Hello Kitty. In fact, Sanrio's cutest cat just launched perhaps her biggest endeavor yet with the official Hello Kitty bullet train debuting last month. Never one to be content with just one campaign,however, the iconic feline just announced a collaboration with silver jeweler and wedding ring maker JAM HOME MADE--one that suggests you might be able to wear jewelry fashioned from Hello Kitty's skull!

They aren't outright stated to be the skull of the worldwide feline mascot and there's some gaps in facial structure, but are a collaboration between the Hello Kitty brand and JAM HOME MADE's revolution skull motif. However, the new jewelry set differs from their previous metallic version with a white shade, yellow nose, and red ribbon that could easily lead one to believe they're wearing the withered-away skeleton of Hello Kitty. Or simply a cutesified skull, depending on your outlook.

The set includes a Hello Kitty Skull ring, necklace, and eearings.

Hello Kitty Skull Ring

Hello Kitty Skull Necklace

Hello Kitty Skull Earrings

The ring is priced at 32,000 yen ($288 USD), the necklace at 19,000 yen ($171 USD), and the earrings at 10,000 ($90 USD) yen. They can be ordered from JAM HOME MADE's online shop, and are also sold at their Japan retail locations.




By - Big Neko.