One of the most popular crime-fighting heroines in manga and anime, the android protagonist of Go Nagai's classic Cutie Honey has had her share of collaborations ever since she made her dynamic entrance in the early 1970s. However she has never been featured on a bottle of alcohol in Japan, until now.

Cutie Honey Umeshu

On August 2, 2018, which is known as Honey Day in Japan, sake brewery Mitsutake Co., Ltd. began selling a special version of their popular honey umeshu plum wine featuring the likeness of Cutie Honey. The plum wine is their second product celebrating the 50th anniversary of Go Nagai's career, their first being a Devilman shochu.

Select Japanese plums, Japanese honey and a touch of brandy go into making this special liqueur which is fermented for over a year to create a delightfully refreshing umeshu, rich with the taste of plums and just the right amount of tartness.

Label by Lion Matsuda

The label features an original illustration by Lion Matsuda, an artist skilled in caricatures and illustrations with a unique pop style evocative of American comics.

Mistutake Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1688, the venerable sake brewery based in Hamamachi, Kagoshima City, has adapted to changing times. Following its credo of "innovation within tradition," Mitsutake Co., Ltd. has tirelessly worked on improving the quality of each of their products while preserving the brewing traditions of the past.

Product Details

  • Name: Honey Umeshu "Cutie Honey"
  • Type: Liqueur
  • Variety: Umeshu
  • Ingredients: whole plums, brewing alcohol, sugar, brandy, honey
  • Alcohol content: 14%
  • Recommended retail price: 1,390 JPY (tax excl.)
  • Availability

    You can either purchase "Cutie Honey" in sake stores all over Japan or you can buy it through their online shop here.

By - Ben K.