Cosplayers (L to R): Ikumi Hashimoto; Yukina Ugajin and NAGATY / Photo: © grape Japan

Comiket Cosplay Roundup: Our Favorites From Summer 2018

Twice a year in Tokyo, literally hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts of anime, manga and games, as well as countless other hobbies converge on the twin inverted pyramids of Tokyo Big Sight for the bi-annual Comic Market, otherwise known as Comiket. The attendance for Comic Market 94, which concluded last Sunday, surpassed 530,000, which is 10,000 more than last summer.

Comiket also happens to be one of the most important events for cosplayers. Not to be outdone by the astounding number and diversity of the fanzines and goods for sale within the halls, an incredible variety of cosplayers gather outside the halls at several locations around the Big Sight grounds, braving the bitter cold in winter and the sweltering heat in summer.

Equipped with our camera, several bottles of frozen sports drinks, towels, fans and energy bars, we set out on the final day of Comiket 94 to check out the cosplay scene. Here are some of our favorites:

(By the way, if you're interested in cosplay, please see our ongoing Cosplayers to Watch article series.)

Anime and Game Classics

Cosplayer: Tanny / Photo: © grape Japan

Fukuo, head baker at the Gütiokipänja Bakery in Kiki's Delivery Service.

Cosplayer: Unknown Imo/ Photo: © grape Japan

The titular protagonist of Porco Rosso.

Cosplayer: Kinu Zero/ Photo: © grape Japan

Cell (Perfect Form), from the Dragon Ball series.

Cosplayer: Ikumi Hashimoto/ Photo: © grape Japan

The second angel Lilith, impaled by the Spear of Longinus from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cosplayer: Chamomile/ Photo: © grape Japan

You may recall Chamomile from our Cosplayers to Watch article series. On Day 3, she cosplayed an original character, a female Saiyan, inspired by the Dragon Ball series.

Cosplayer: Enku/ Photo: © grape Japan

Revy, the protagonist of Black Lagoon.

Recent Popular Works

Photo: © grape Japan

A squad of White Blood Cells from Cells At Work!
Cosplayers: @nagix04d / @Rex28g / @_ag_ag / @rekka_en

Cosplayers: Yukina Ugajin (L), NAGATY (R) / Photo: © grape Japan

9S and 210 from the game NieR:Automata.

Cosplayer: Neo/ Photo: © grape Japan

Sergeant Katahira, reporting on Kaoru Hanayama, from the manga Baki The Grappler


Cosplayer: RBT (Right) / Photo: © grape Japan

Title: "Not the Pikachu I know."

Cosplayer: Ikunaaton (L), Aki Arai (Ctr.), Mew (R) / Photo: © grape Japan

Two Serval Cats and one decidedly macho Kabanchan from the anime Kemono Friends.


Cosplayer: Yayoi / Photo: © grape Japan

Original costume by Yayoi-san

Cosplayer: ZITAKUKEIBITAI / Photo: © grape Japan

What cosplay event would be complete without the ever-popular members of N.E.E.T. ?

No category

Cosplayer: Kosuke / Photo: © grape Japan

Sometimes at Comiket, you'll find cosplays that defy convention so radically that you're either left staring, jaw agape or you burst out into a nervous laugh. This is Kosuke Sasaki. Or rather, Kosuke Sasaki's driver's license. He came as his own driver's license. No anime. No manga. No game referenced here. Just himself. We don't know if that's his real address but if it is, it's most definitely a bold move, and probably the most self-referential cosplay we've ever seen. Like it or leave it. That's just par for the course at Comiket.

By - Ben K.