As children we all played make-believe, imagining all the cool jobs we could do as adults. It’s amazing to think now, how powerful kids’ imaginations are and this video that went viral in Japan is a perfect example of just how boundless it is.

It was posted by a father who was so impressed with his daughter’s set-up he decided to share it with everyone.

It seems his daughter realised her dream of becoming a doctor after watching medical dramas, watching all of the shows that have been broadcast over the last few years. When her dad posted this video of an ‘emergency surgery’ performed on a bear, everyone was blown away by the girl’s attention to detail and seriousness. The ‘tumour’ and the basin she prepared shows just how meticulous she is. She even recreated the atmosphere of an emergency room, making the sound of a heart monitor with a metronome.

Commenters on the video all agreed that this brainy girl certainly has a bright future ahead of her. Others were worried about the bear’s current state, post-surgery, but the father replied with an update:

Someone asked, 'Doctor! Was the surgery a success?' and the father replied, 'it was a difficult surgery, but we managed to remove it (the tumour). At the moment the bear is living healthily in my daughter's room.'

The gripping drama of the surgery even inspired fan art.

Thanks to her love for medical dramas, the girl could save her bear. If she can pull off such a feat at 7 years old, it’s safe to say this child has a bright future ahead of her.

By - Jess.