This summer’s Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama is winding down. Pokemon fans braved the heat for the chance to see dances and parades performed by over 1500 pikachu mascots, and for the first time ever another Pokemon got in on the action. Eevees got a parade of their own and also turned up during some pika-performances.

If you missed the chance to see the characters’ impressive choreography paired with the charming ungracefulness that comes with the ungainly costume, never fear. You can find more pikachu and eevee antics online.

The official Pokemon Japan YouTube channel saw the chance for a further pikachu and eevee collaboration and created Pokemon Sports Day. The two battled it out in range of activities to see who would come out on top.

For example, a long jump which is not so long.

A shocker from pikachu in the penalty shoot out.

Eevee's tail caused some issues for the hurdle attempt.

And pikachus and eevees form teams to try to outrun each other in the relay race.

Even more videos are available on the YouTube channel. Both of these classic Pokemon gave it their all, but in the end only one can be victorious. Which one are you supporting?

By - Jess.