Japanese artist Keigo illustrates the sad but funny life of a Crocodile in human society

Japanese illustrator Keigo has a talent for depicting absurd fictional situations in a comical and quirky style. While the artist doesn't have a lot to say about himself, his simple but eccentric work has gained quite the following of fans looking for slice of life humor on Instagram and even been compiled into an art book. Many of his illustrations show bleak but humorous in a creative way that despite their silliness, capture an element of frustration just easy enough to relate to.

keigoさん(@k5fuwa)がシェアした投稿 -

keigoさん(@k5fuwa)がシェアした投稿 -

One of Keigo's most popular set of illustrations, however, is an ongoing series in which a Crocodile is confronted with the tragically inconvenient reality of living in a world of humans--particularly the burden of his long snout and short arms. Here's a few highlights from Keigo, who you can follow on Instagram and Twitter.

It's hard to show affection

Forget about rollercoasters

Everything is right under your nose and you can't have it

You'll never be the first of your kind on the moon

Trying to help just hurts

Nobody appreciates your music

Homework never gets done

You're destined to run in place

Nothing is secret

Even when you have a head start, you don't

You're not photogenic no matter who takes the picture

Again, nobody appreciates your music

And you just can't appreciate art

Never pick the top bunk

You're constantly running out of lipstick

No stretching

Nice pass

You're arms are just too short to box with God

You can at least stay out of the spotlight

This will be a difficult diagnosis

A bridge too far

Cooking gets dangerous

Hay fever season is brutal

The morning just doesn't start off right

Reading just isn't quite the same

What did we say about music?

By - Big Neko.