The Ushiku Daibutsu, a 120-metre-tall bronze figure of Buddha, is the tallest statue in Japan and third tallest in the world. Despite only being just over an hour away from Tokyo station, it is little known as a tourist destination.

This is probably due to the out of the way location, a bus ride away from the remote Ushiku station in Ibaraki Prefecture. However, the spectacular sight of the towering deity is well worth the detour.

Source: Taihei_Tsukada

Every year on August 15th a fireworks display and light show takes place at the mammoth statue creating an awe-inspiring show.

Source: Taihei_Tsukada

This photographer managed to capture these stunning photos which show the beauty of the statue alongside the awesome fireworks that were sent up for the show.

Source: Taihei_Tsukada

The statue itself in an imposing presence, it can be seen for miles around. The addition of the fireworks and light show must have made an amazing sight for everyone in the area.

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By - Jess.