If you search long and hard enough in Japan, you may just be able to find anything in a gachapon, or capsule toy machine. While many offer figures and trinkets based off of popular anime and video game franchises, there's also a niche genre of realistic takes on unusual animals, and even quirky scenes such as Godzilla holding an apologetic press conference for the destruction he's caused.

After extensive research regarding their anatomy and appeal to young children, Bandai has upped the ante with its latest gachapon release: a giant pill bug capsule toy!

As you can see, the toy is big enough to take over the palm of your hand, and that's because the fully coilable roly poly gacha gift is a 1000% scale model of an actual pill bug. When fully coiled, it has an estimated diameter of 74 mm, and 140 cm uncoiled. Reportedly, a multitude of books and reference illustrations were consulted to put together a realistic giant pill bug.

The item comes in a variety of colors and will be released in gachapon toy capsule machines around Japan starting August 23rd, priced at 500 yen per capsule.

By - Big Neko.