If you have enough years of gaming under your belt, you may remember the days before the mountain of information available on the internet and even the days before official guidebooks, when dedicated gamers would jot down their trial and error solutions to puzzles and yet uncharted stages. Whether Japanese Twitter user, animator, and avid video game fan @ishikoro18 remembers those days or not, she as least has an impressive collection of notes from her father to look at.

@ishikoro18 recently posted her father's collection of gameplay notes on his video game journeys through Silent Hill 3, Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy X-2, Siren, Ico and other classic titles. The tome of gameplay contains faithfully recreated maps, as well as detailed puzzle and password solutions that must have taken ages to write down.

While it looks like hard work, this level of detail can only mean one thing: @ishikoro18's dad must really enjoy video games!

By - Big Neko.