Ziploc shook the world of food storage with its trusty seal, changing packed lunches forever. The clear bag with iconic blue and red seal has become instantly recognisable, paving the way for their unexpected leap into the fashion world.

That’s right, the plastic food storage bags have become inspiration for a line of apparel from Beams Couture, the Japanese fashion brand. The interesting collaboration has led to a cool and surprisingly wearable street style which would totally look at home worn on the streets of Harajuku.

Source: Beams

The line-up seems like a playful nod to the current trend of transparent bags and shoes by referencing one of the most iconic transparent bags of them all.

But if you think this collection is as cheap as sandwich bags you’d be wrong.

The items available (tax not included):

Source: Beams

Umbrella – 9200 yen

Tote bag – 11,000 yen

Rucksack – 13,000 yen

Waist pouch – 8,800 yen

Cap – 9000 yen

Pouch – 1200 yen

Sacoche – 1800 yen

Apron – 10,000 yen

Sun visor – 8400 yen

The collaboration goods are on sale in store or on the Beams online shop.

The items are shown off in this humorous promotional video in the style of a shopping channel. The pockets on the apron are functional and the presenters suggest you keep food in them to snack on while cooking. They also show off the water-tight tote bag, exclaiming ‘it’s so easy to drink out of!’

Considering everything is see-through, you’ll have no problem matching these items with the rest of your wardrobe, and with the ability to store snacks in your apparel, you can’t go wrong.

By - Jess.