Japan loves character goods and there's a whole range of trinkets and accessories available that can truly express the affection you hold for your favourite. Perhaps you love No-face so much you want a soy sauce bottle that looks like him. Or maybe you want to express your admiration for Studio Ghibli by drinking tea that comes in a tin with Totoro on it. Whichever Japanese character you love the most, you can find a cool piece of merchandise you can proudly use or wear.

When it comes to charging our gadgets, how fitting that the character should be none other than the electric mouse, Pikachu. This USB to AC outlet adaptor is super cute despite it leaving out Pikachu’s upper body.

The reason for only having Pikachu’s lower half becomes clear when you plug it in. It looks like Pikachu is cutely jumping into the outlet (or possibly got stuck Winnie the Pooh style).

The pins fold neatly away so it’s convenient for travelling. The adaptor can be bought online here.

This official merchandise is definitely a step up from the knock off version that was seen being sold online last year which had a much more inappropriate placing for the USB socket…

By - Jess.