It doesn't take a particularly long amount of time in Japan to come across incorrect and sometimes humorous applications of English that have come to be known as "Engrish", such as the infamous "Black Man Super Bikini." Many of these are simply the result of a lack of English ability (or consulting someone with it) or using the aesthetic of the English language to appear stylish, but a new product from Japan seems to have a pretty clear idea of how it wants to market itself in English. Behold: Wash Balls.

Still a little confused about what the product is for? Perhaps this clever slogan will clue you in! They've even been nice enough to insert a not too mysterious logo in the spelling.

This isn't a language mix-up, by the way. The product is a release from L Company in Japan, is marketed as an overlooked necessity for men fashion, fitness, and skin care trends evolve around them--washing their "delicate zones".

Apparently for men who either need a loud and in your face reminder that their scrotum needs to be washed, or simply just the first in luxury testicular care, Wash Balls claims to prevent pimples, unpleasant scents, and swampiness. The "special" amino acid-based formula uses a yogurt solution and yuzu fruit extract to provide moisture and protect from rough skin.

L Company sells it on their website for 1,900 yen a bottle.

By - Big Neko.