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Kirby Cafe Returns to Tokyo with New Adorable Menu

Everyone’s favourite puffy pink hero is returning to Tokyo to fill our stomachs with delicious and adorable treats. For a limited time only the Kirby Cafe will be opening up in Tokyo Skytree town.

All the dishes and drinks on the menu take inspiration from Nintendo’s Kirby games, creating the characters and motifs in entirely consumable materials.

Kirby Cafe Food Menu

Waddle Dee’s Afternoon Nap Omelette Rice

A rice Waddle Dee sleeps soundly under a fluffy egg blanket.

Kirby Inhaling Caprese

Given Kirby’s ability to inhale his enemies, he’ll make short work of this caprese.

Chef Kawasaki’s Throw in Whatever on a Whim Bread Stew

There’s no list of ingredients but we are assured that they are carefully selected. This assurance is somewhat thrown off by the (?) written in the menu.

Kirby Burger with Seasonal Vegetables and Meat Pasta Plate

This order comes with a cute illustration souvenir plate.

Kirby Cafe Dessert Menu

Whispy Woods Bursting Sweets Plate

Order this dessert to receive an adorable little ceramic figure of either Kirby or Waddle Dee.

Kirby’s Fluffy Strawberry Mousse

A mousse Kirby is the perfect light dessert.

Kirby Cafe Drink Menu

Kracko’s Finishing Blow Soda

Since the cotton candy Kracko will disappear when you pour the drink over him, it really is a final attack.

Kirby’s Floaty Marshmallow Au Lait (Iced or Hot)

There are two types of this cute beverage available, one showing Kirby poking his head out of the cloud, or one showing him jumping into it the other way.

Full menu including prices is available on the Kirby Cafe website (Japanese).

There’s also goods on offer exclusive to the café including plushies. You can even buy the cutlery used at the cafe so every meal becomes a little bit Kirby-fied.

A reservation is required and one can be made online from 6pm on 21st September. The cafe itself will be open from 27th September to 17th February.

Address: Tokyo, Sumida, Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town, Solamachi 4F

By - Jess.