All-you-can-eat buffets in Japan

There are countless all-you-can-eat buffets in Japan, from run-of-the-mill salad bar buffets at Western cuisine restaurant chains, to hotels which offer them on a rotating basis by season and more. With the arrival of fall, restaurants and hotels have been busy advertising their autumn editions. Fall favorites such as satsuma yams, chestnuts, kabocha and other squash, grilled sanma mackerel pike, and of course, mushrooms aplenty.

Matsutake: the king of Japanese mushrooms

The undisputed king of native Japanese mushrooms is the matsutake. Fragrant beyond compare, a pleasure to enjoy roasted on a grill with a drop of freshly squeezed sudachi citrus, minced and slow-cooked in takikomi rice, or imparting its delicate fragrance sliced in a clear broth sumashi soup, there are many ways to enjoy matsutake. Sadly, many fall buffets, while luring customers with the promise of matsutake, only offer one or at most two matsutake dishes, typically takikomi rice or a broth with perhaps a sliver of mushroom.

A cornucopia of matsutake dishes

Therefore, when a restaurant offers you an all-you-can-eat buffet with a literal cornucopia of matsutake dishes, this is an opportunity NOT to be missed!

Matsutake and Fall Flavors Fair at Daichi no Okurimono restaurant

Between now and November 4th, all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant Daichi no Okurimono 大地の贈り物 (which means "Presents of the Earth") in the Ueno neighborhood of Tokyo is having a fabulous fall buffet featuring, in addition to their normal lineup of 80 appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts, fall favorites such as grilled mackerel pike, desserts with satsuma yams, a special selection of colorful and unusual vegetables from various regions of Japan, and, in starring position, seven different matsutake dishes.

Matsutake dishes

Let's take a look at the matsutake offerings waiting for you:

Assorted steamed fall vegetables, seiro-mushi style (lunch / dinner)

Matsutake nigirizushi (dinner)

Matsutake and beef bulgogi pizza (dinner)

Matsutake and chestnut takikomi rice (dinner)

Matsutake suimono broth (lunch / dinner)

Agedashi tofu with matsutake (lunch / dinner)

Roast pork with matsutake cream sauce (dinner)

Matsutake nanban udon (lunch / dinner)

You'll also enjoy a variety of colorful regional fall vegetables

The restaurant is spacious, with ample seating for groups of all sizes and a comfortable decor.


Buffet Information

  • Name: Matsutake to Aki no Mikaku Fair 松茸と秋の味覚フェア (Matsutake and Fall Flavors Fair)
  • Duration: Sep. 3 to Nov. 4, 2018
  • Buffet Time Limit >> Lunch: 80 minutes, Dinner: 120 minutes
  • Lunch plans >> Adults: Weekdays 1,890 JPY, Weekends and holidays 1,990 JPY | elementary school kids 1,000 JPY, 4 and up 500 JPY, 3 and under free
  • Dinner plans >> Adults: 2,990 JPY / +all-you-can-drink umeshu and sparkling wine 3,490 JPY / +all-you-can-drink beer and sours 3,990 JPY / +premium all-you-can-drink 4,290 JPY | elementary school kids 1,500 JPY, 4 and up 500 JPY, 3 and under free
  • Note: all prices are tax inclusive

Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant: Daichi no Okurimono 大地の贈り物
  • Address (EN): 4F Suzunoya Bldg., 1-20-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-005
  • Address (JP): 〒110-0005 東京都台東区上野1-20-11 鈴乃屋ビル4F
  • Access: 3 mins. from North Exit of JR's Okachimachi Station, 1 min. from Exit A4 of Tokyo Metro's Ueno-hirokoji Station
  • Tel: 03-3836-2640
  • Hours >> Lunch: 11:00 to 16:00, Dinner: 17:00 to 22:00
  • Capacity: 180 seats, booths available
  • Reservations in English: Daichi no Okurimono' listing on Gurunavi English

By - Ben K.