Krispy Kreme have forgone the usual orange and black combo for their special Halloween doughnuts this year, and opted for a more kawaii pop of colour. They've come out with four designs, decked out in black and pink for a spooky cuteness in a range called 'Black or Pink?'. The doughnuts themselves are a shocking pitch black, achieved by using bamboo charcoal, and cute details have been added with icing among other things.

Source: © Grape Japan

Iced in vanilla chocolate is a pink pumpkin with an unsettling grin on its face. Break it open to reveal a rich pumpkin cream inside, the bright orange giving a striking and season-appropriate contrast to the jet black doughnut itself.

Source: © Grape Japan

Cute Halloween favourite, the black cat is back. Milky white chocolate and pink chocolate make up the charming features of this familiar on a bitter chocolate face.

Sweet caramel custard cream waits inside.

Source: © Grape Japan

The spider web custard doughnut keeps it simple but spooky. Bite into it to release the sweet vanilla beans custard.

You can also get a chocolate old fashioned ring doughnut with festive purple and pink sprinkles.

A range of sets are on offer so you can choose the appropriate size for your Halloween celebrations. The set of three is perfect for a night in with a horror movie, or bring a box of twenty to a Halloween party. They are available currently in store and 31st October is the last day you can grab them.

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By - Jess.