We’ve all heard the trope. Someone smells an unknown perfume or aftershave on the clothes of a partner, and discovers that they were cheating on them the whole time. Who knew cats also have a similar method of exposing their owner’s unfaithfulness?

Japanese Twitter user @tadanocapo thought her beloved cat would be none the wiser after she wiled away an hour playing with a stray cat outside.

She arrived home and tried to greet her cat as usual, but the cats happy mews quickly turned to anger when she smelled the hand.

The scorned feline even started attacking the hand that betrayed her with her paws. After uploading the video of the jealous pet on Twitter, it attracted a lot of attention, with many people commenting on the comic difference between the cat’s initial cute meows compared to the angry shrieking seconds later.

The owner didn't learn her lesson though, she brazenly posted a video on Twitter of her cavorting with the 'other' cat...

By - Jess.