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Cosplayers to Watch: Nayu Kurachi (Photos and Interview)

Nayu Kurachi, or Nayupeta, as she is known by her fans, hails from Aichi Prefecture and has been cosplaying since her early teens. A cosplayer with remarkable versatility, she is equally comfortable cosplaying glamorous idols and sporty high school girls as she is becoming powerful and noble warriors or martial artists. With her beautifully toned physique and her dedication to costume, posing and expression, not to mention her good fortune in teaming up with talented photographers, she consistently produces high quality photo books and has gained a steadily growing fan base both within and outside of Japan.


grape Japan (gJ): Since when have you been cosplaying?

Nayu Kurachi (NY): I started cosplaying when I was 14 years old.

gJ: Why do you cosplay?

NY: I cosplay because I enjoy stepping out of my usual self and completely becoming my favorite characters.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / © Nayu Kurachi

gJ: Do you have a particularly memorable cosplay experience?

NY: That would be my full-body armor cosplay of Mordred from Fate / Grand Order. It was hard to transport, hard to put on and take off, and hard to move around in, but out of all the cosplay I’ve done so far, it’s the outfit I invested the most money in and I think it’s high quality.

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / © Nayu Kurachi

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / © Nayu Kurachi

gJ: You’ve cosplayed characters in sailor school uniforms, idol costumes and, as you mentioned, full-body armor. Do you make all your cosplay outfits?

NY: I often make mistakes when I try to make my own, so I often wear ready-made costumes or made-to-order.

gJ: You’ve cosplaed a wide range of characters, from Sakuya Shirase in The Idolmaster: Shiny Colors, Miyamoto Musashi in Fate / Grand Order, Sinon in Sword Art Online, Suigintou in Rozen Maiden, and Tokiya Ichinose in Uta no Prince-sama. Do all the characters you cosplay have something in common? If so, what is it?

NY: Points in common? I’d say most of them are strong characters who are composed and undisturbed, good at fighting, cool and attractive.

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gJ: You’re well-known as a cosplayer with beautiful muscles. How do you keep your body in shape?

NY: I always wear corrective underwear and get full-body massages every day. When I have time, I train at home. I know that unreasonable dietary restrictions don’t last long, so instead, I try to cut down on snacking and I leave some room in my stomach when I have meals.

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gJ: Is there anything you particularly pay attention to when you cosplay?

NY: I dedicate myself to practicing the characters’ expressions and reproducing their poses as best as I can.

gJ: Your profile page at L’erable says you worked at Tokyo Anime Tourism 2018? Could you tell us what you did there and share some thoughts about that experience?

NY: I cosplayed Sinon from Sword Art Online, handed out fliers and complied with photo requests. It was so cold that it began snowing half-way through it but thanks to the kind staff who looked after me and encouraged me to take breaks, it was a memorable, heart-warming experience.

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gJ: Have you participated in events outside of Japan? If not, would you like to?

NY: I haven’t been able to participate in any events outside of Japan yet. In my regular job, it’s hard for me to take extended holidays but if I can find the opportunity to do so in the future, I’d like to attend.

gJ: Do you have any non-Japanese fans? If so, how do you interact with them?

NY: Some fans from abroad reply to my tweets or come to see me at Comic Market and other events, so I’m able to interact with them in that way.

gJ: Halloween is coming up. Do you have any suggestions for non-Japanese visitors or residents when it comes to cosplay-related activities they can do for Halloween?

NY: If they’re visitors from abroad, they could try cosplaying something from Biohazard, a zombie or some other character from Western horror films or games. I think they’d look much better than Japanese people would.

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gJ: Do you have any other hobbies aside from cosplaying?

NY: Aside from cosplaying I like to sing karaoke. I love to sing, and it helps me to relieve stress!

gJ: Looking forward, is there anything new you’d like to try?

NY: I’d like to attend international events. I haven’t traveled abroad even once yet, so I’d really like to go while I still can.

gJ: Finally, would you like to say anything to grape Japan readers?

NY: Hello, grape Japan readers! Thank you so much for reading my interview! In the future, I hope to continue my activities, doing frequent cosplays as well, so I’d be happy to get your kind support!

Nayu Kurachi information

With permission from © Candee, Inc. / © Nayu Kurachi


  • Date of Birth: March 16th
  • Height: 164 cm / 5'5"
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Cosplaying, gaming, karaoke


  • Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, Promotional model
  • Tokyo Anime Tourism 2018, Promotional cosplayer model
  • Nico Nico Douga live broadcasts


With permission from © Candee, Inc. / © Nayu Kurachi

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