Following the trend of incredibly Instagrammable desserts that have been gracing Japan recently, this strikingly green tiramisu has been decorating sweet lovers’ social media pages.

The dessert is made using Morihan matcha from Uji, an area of Kyoto famous for green tea production. Morihan have been producing matcha since 1836 and their historical expertise can be found in their superior quality matcha.

The dessert contains plenty of the luxury matcha powder as well as mascarpone cheese to create a refreshing taste.

The tiramisu is served in a traditional Japanese ‘sho’, a wooden box made of cypress which is normally used as a vessel for drinking sake out of. The makers claim that the crisp smell of the wood completes this aromatic dessert. The presentation gives a very traditional Japanese feeling to this modern crossover.

Where to Eat Matcha Tiramisu nearby Tokyo

There's no Maccha House cafe in central Tokyo, but they can be found not too far away in neighbouring prefectures Saitama and Chiba (opening September 28th 2018).

Maccha House Saitama branch address: 358-0014 Saitama, Irima, Miyadera 3169, Mitsui Outlet Park 2F

Maccha House Chiba branch address: 285-0912 Chiba, Inbagun, Shisui, Iizumi 2-4-1, Shisui Premium Outlets (opening September 28th 2018)

By - Jess.