While Japanese Kit Kats are popular around the world for their creative use of seasonal and regional specialty ingredients, which result in interesting flavors such as the world's first Ruby chocolate Kit Kat and even Kit Kat sushi, it's their alcohol-flavored releases that have been garnering praise as a "gourmet" option. Nestle Japan first released sake-flavored Kit Kats, then teamed up with venerated makers for a finer quality sake flavor and umeshu Kit Kats.

Following that trend, Nestle Japan is now collaborating with a renowned sake brewery with a history of nearly 400 years to release a Kit Kat that promises the flavor of the highest quality sake.

For their latest special Kit Kat, Nestle Japan is working together with Sakura Masamune, based in Hyogo prefecture, which started brewing sake in 1625. As part of Nestle Japan's "Made in Japan" campaign to introduce flavors unique to Japan overseas as preferred souvenirs, Sakura Masamune is making use of their finest daiginjo sake. Daiginjo sake uses rice polished to 50%, leaving behind the richest flavor and fragrance. Sakura Masamune's daiginjo brands are made in Yokawa-cho, which is regarded as a "special A district" for cultivating the finest rice used for premium sake. The sake used in these Kit Kats is produced using traditional cultivating techniques practiced for nearly 400 years.

As with previous releases, that fine daiginjo sake is powdered and kneaded into Kit Kat wafers, covered in sweet white chocolate--which Nestle Japan and Sakura Masamune claim is delicious vessel to help appreciate the quality of daiginjo sake.

The "Kit Kit Mini Sake Sakura Masamune Daiginjo" will be released on September 25th in Japan, available in gift shops in the Kansai region.

By - Big Neko.