Photo: © grape Japan / Models (L to R): Amane Yami, Kairi Minamino, Miduki Katase; Yuki Goto

Tokyo Game Show 2018 Promotional Models and Official Cosplayers

This year's Tokyo Game Show brought together 668 companies and organizations to the Makuhari Messe convention center and boasted a total attendance of nearly 300,000 in its four day run. As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we were live on the floor covering all the excitement.

Photo: © grape Japan

As always, for many of the companies showing off their latest games and gaming tech, promotional models played an important role in creating a fun and entertaining experience for the crowds who thronged to the event. During our live broadcast, we managed to take a few snapshots which we'd like to share with you...


Photo: © grape Japan / Model: (L) Mayu Tsukishiro 月城, (R) Rinka Akimoto 秋本鈴果

Two cabaret club hostesses from Sega's Yakuza Online.

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Rio Amatsuka 天使梨桜

A female Deuman from Phantasy Star Online 2 promoting the game's collaboration with Monster Hunter Frontier

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Chiaki Nishi 西ちあき

Kilin from Creative Studio Mzo's "Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm" animated virtual idol project.

Photo: © grape Japan

A character from the upcoming smartphone game Blade X Lord

Photo: © grape Japan

A Mongol soldier (?) and the protagonist Jin Sakai from Sucker Punch Productions and San Mateo Studio's highly anticipated game Ghosts of Tsushima.

Photo: © grape Japan / Models (L to R): Amane Yami やみ天音, Kairi Minamino 南野カイリ, Miduki Katase 片瀬美月

Tamamo and Kirino from the smartphone game Tokyo Conception flank a promotional model in front of United, inc.'s booth

Promotional Models

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Nanako Natsuhara 夏原ななこ

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Shiori Kusunoki 楠しおり

At the Koei Tecmo booth promoting Muso Orochi 3 (Warriors Orochi 4)

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Yuki Goto 後藤佑紀

At the Galax booth

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Reira Takanashi 小鳥遊レイラ

At Konami's booth for their long-awaited romance simulation game Love Plus Every

Photo: © grape Japan / Zombies (L to R): Billy, Clow

Promotional models and two zombies from Capcom's Biohazard Re:2 (Resident Evil 2)

Photo: © grape Japan / Model (L): Nanami Ikeda 池田菜々美

Two promotional models flank Mega Man at Capcom's Rockman 11 (Mega Man 11) booth

Photo: © grape Japan / Model: Ran Matsuda 松田蘭

At Nihon Kogakuin College's booth

By - Ben K.