Previously releasing the Caramelly Pear and the Crispy Sweet Potato beverages, Starbucks Japan left one space clear, revealing that this season’s Artful Autumn campaign would consist of three limited time only special flavours.

The final drinks have been revealed and it seems that they decided to go with the representative fall flavour, pumpkin.

While other countries are getting excited about the Pumpkin Spice Latte, this take on the vegetable has manifested as a creamier and more refreshing form, the Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino. You can also sample the pumpkin taste of Creamy Pumpkin Milk, which is available as a hot or cold drink.

A pumpkin sauce base is used made from ebisu kabocha, a type of Japanese pumpkin. Candy coated almonds give the drink an extra sweetness and crispy texture. The caramel topping helps to bring the sweetness of the pumpkin out further. It's not just the taste that'll get you feeling all seasonal, the attractive golden colour of the drink itself is reminiscent of autumn leaves.

The Creamy Pumpkin line will be released in time for peak autumn on October 1st, but sadly it will only be available fleetingly until October 17th.

By - Jess.