If you’ve ever ridden a public bus, you’ve probably seen the little waves of acknowledgement that bus drivers exchange as they pass each other while driving.

The hand movement is internationally recognized and takes place in countries all over the world, including Japan. With just this small action, the bus drivers display an unspoken camaraderie and the ‘secret bus driver wave’ has become legend between passengers.

Most passengers enjoy the exchange, but not all. As hard as it is to believe, some people actually take issue with what most would view as a harmless friendly wave.

A shuttle bus driver in Japan detailed the complaint that led to the action being banned at his company.

While driving the bus, see bus driver from same company and wave.

A complaint comes into the office from a passenger saying waving while driving means you're driving one-handed which is dangerous and scary.

We receive a notice from the office saying all bus drivers are banned from waving.

Most bus drivers ignore the notice and carry on waving.

It only takes one moment, don't talk rubbish!

Despite the driver only raising his hand for one or two seconds, the passenger claimed it left them feeling like the bus driver had put them at risk.

The stereotypical image of Japanese people is that they respect the rules no matter what, but it seems these bus drivers feel very strongly about their sacred bus driver wave and have ignored the company’s decision.

During this year's heat wave there was another driver who had to deal with silly complaints when he had the nerve to drink water while on the job. Luckily it seems Japanese bus drivers will stick up for their right to drink water, as well as the right to give their pals a little wave as they drive past.

By - Jess.